Friday, 31 December 2010


this time last year- Paris

lets dance

visit from the best friend

summer ball


last venue
results day



masquerade ball



christmas day

new years eve eve

Tuesday, 21 December 2010


i hate the snow. it is dangerous and destructive. but incredibly pretty



Hello all... Unfortunately I have had very little time to blog recently- I have started a new job at Topshop, in Exeter and it is keeping me very busy!I am in charge of my own department which is great but there is lots to learn which is exactly what I wanted. Is it much more challenging, enjoyable and rewarding than my other job and I am managed, directed and guided- something that was missing before. The job is full time which is great and I have my eye on plenty of new things- perhaps this is the downfall of working at Topshop? hmmmm....

There is a whole load of stuff that I have wanted to blog about recently but haven't had the time. Instead I have put together a list of my recent purchases and a list of things that I am hoping to purchase in the future....


 1. This shirt was supposed to be a present for me from my mum for Christmas, but being the cheeky little urchin that I am, I managed to convince her to let me wear it before. The shirt is petite ( also available in normal sizes) and cost £35 from Topshop. It is also available in black.

2. Since Britain has become sabotaged by heavy snow, it has come to my attention that other than my brogues, I don't actually own a pair of water proof shoes. After a treacherous journey to work where my lifeless Ugg's caused me to trip over a number of times, I decided it was time to get out with the old and in with the new. So, as it is coming to the end of the month and money is in short supply, I hopped on down to Primemark, where I found these gorgeous riding boots for only £18. Whats more they match perfectly with my tanned satchel and are comfortable and evidently, water proof.

3. When the Christmas season comes, it is essential to be on stand by with your winter, eye catching pieces. I have recently purchased a clutch bag from New Look that will see me through the season and far longer. I saw it and, as with most things, I was unable to resist it. It's unusually golden embellishment caught my eye and it was a bargain costing £18. I have already used it for family occasions and for the Topshop Christmas party- there is more life in the old bag yet!

 4. I am definitely someone who feels the cold, but at the same time I always find it proves some-what difficult to look 'fashionable' whilst trying to stay warm! With this in mind, I came across these cute ear muffs from Primemark costing only £3. They are also available in black.

5. Another of my recent purchases includes this camel, loose fitting jersey top from Topshop costing £16. It is casual, comfortable and looks great with jeans, cropped trousers or shorts. It comes in a variety of colours.

6. When my purse recently fell apart, it was time to make a sensible purchase for once and buy a new one. Most retailers sell nice purses, but this one I found- no suprises- at Topshop for only £15.
7. During a recent catch up my best friend, we finally discovered a camel coloured nail varnish- something I had been looking for for ages and was under the impression only Chanel made one with an expensive price tag. This one is from Topshop and cost £5 (although I do think that there is still a more camel coloured nail varnish out there...god knows where). Definitely check out Topshop's make up collection as it is limited edition.


ZARA (dress) £69.99