Friday, 30 September 2011

friday feeling-twitter

This week I will be reviewing Twitter, as I have recently given myself up to the the social media site that boasts celebrity fans including Lauren Conrad and Britney Spears. 

Twitter blurs the boundaries between celebrity and your average Joe, as no matter who you are or what you do, you can still follow your favourite celebrity idols- a nosier, slightly more narcissistic version of facebook perhaps. 

The list of celebrities I am following so far include Justin Bieber (yes I have the fever), Stephen Fry, Karl Pilkington and BINTM winner Jade Thompson
tweeting on the go

Although I am still a learner, I think I successfully managed to upload my first picture yesterday...

I think as a blogger twitter is a great way to bring more traffic to your site, as you can tweet about new posts, ideas and inspirations. It acts as a promotional platform and its quick, easy and much more convenient then the likes of facebook or google+. 

Its also more practical then facebook, as it allows you to tweet on the run and the ability to do this is what has made it so popularity amongst the celebrity crowd.

As an aspiring journalist, its a great outlet to mention people you have written about or intend to include in your work. Its also a great way to put forward opinions and thoughts on a whole host of subjects. 
I have started to use twitter in the same way that I would use text messaging, its instant, easy and like SMS you have a limited amount of characters (140). Speed and concision are definitely two things is has in its favor over facebook and in a generation that are becoming increasingly lazy, that suits us perfectly. 
Inside Ireland i.e  use Twitter to swiftly post updates about the news that is appearing onto their website, a great way to be in the know without having to even pick up a newspaper.  
I am definitely becoming addicted to twitter and though I am a little slow on the up-take, I am hoping it will do wonders for bracelets and bangles. 

I can be found on twitter under the name of braceletbangles
If you haven't already, get yourself on twitter and let the tweeting begin!!

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

kate to appear on vogue?

If rumors are true and the new Mrs Wills is set to appear on the cover of US Vogue, I couldn't think of a better person to front the fashion bible.

The Duchess steps out looking radiant
A figure of elegance and beauty, The Duchess of Cambridge oozes sophistication and is a style icon to so many. This, coupled with the fact that the public adore her, makes her the perfect candidate for Vogue....

Despite this, it has been said that Kate is not keen, as she doesn't want to be a 'clothes horse' and wishes to be known for much more than her sense of style.

The moment she stepped out wearing a Sarah Burton dress on her wedding day, Kate was going to be targeted as a fashion icon. People are naturally drawn towards her as a direct result of this. 
Diana appeared on UK Vogue posthumously in 1997
Infamously The Princess of Wales appeared on the cover of UK Vogue 4 times- looking beautiful as ever. 
Could Kate be following in these fashion footprints? 

The Duchesses' wedding dress alone attracted more than 354,000 visitors when it was displayed at the Palace from 23rd July- present. Obviously the British public have a keen interest in Kate's fashion and now so do the Americans. 

Anna Wintour is desperate to get the future queen on the cover and lets face it, this is a women who usually gets what she wants.

A spokesperson from the Palace has reportedly said, "There are no plans for the Duchess to do anything with U.S. Vogue".

Kate is said to be focusing on her Charity work and tutorials on public appearances.

Preferably I would love to see Kate appear on British Vogue, even if it isn't to promote her fashion and sense of style, but to display her natural beauty and kindness to those who need it most.... Hopefully she will see sense soon!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

designer lounge: BIG jewellery

Last season it was all very much about dainty gold jewellery, with coin charms and delicate pendants. However this season it couldn't be more different, as the fashion pack prepare for big, spikey, knuckle duster jewellery.

Although I havent quite made up my mind about how I feel about this trend yet, what I do know is that it is a health and safety hazard!

Set of four rings £295 
When it comes to jewellery I firmly believe that you can never really wear too much. I own far more jewellery than necessary and some of my favourite things in the whole world are pieces of jewellery, but it has to be said I am not quite convinced with this new trend. Set's of four rings are just impractical surely? Or am I missing the point here...

Big links, colourful chains and big bold pieces are set to be everywhere this season, so depending on how brave you are will determine just how big your jewellery is this autumn.

Obviously the example on the right is far much more than your average person would spend on a set or rings, but this premium gold ball and pearl ring from Topshop, with its bead effect and general outrageousness, is exactly what this new trend is all about.

Furthermore check out this pink leather cuff by Aurelie Bidermann, which is once again outlandishly over the top and tacky.

I mean I am definitely a fan of chunky bracelets and over the top necklaces, but could this be a step too far?

I just can't make up my mind when it comes to big jewellery...let me know what you think!

Monday, 26 September 2011

sunday scene 3

Work: I worked from home all of last week and it wasn't too good for me. I think I just did so much work and didn't actually leave the house that it made me exhausted and ill. I have also had really bad flu this week as well which left me feeling miserable and energy-less. Still after lots of relaxation, good food and fresh air I am now feeling much better:)

Spare Time: I have done lots of yoga this week which really helped me to unwind and to get over my nasty flu. I attended a Vinyasa yoga work shop on Saturday which was so so so good! It did wonders for my mood and made me feeling healthy and rejuvenated. I would recommend everyone try Vinyasa yoga! You also burn the most calories doing this sort of yoga- now thats what I like to hear!

Mickey and I did a touch of babysitting on Saturday which was interesting. I didn't think I was a kiddy sort of person, anyone who knows me will know I am much more of an animal girl, but Mickey's cousin was adorable. Despite my concerns, I was the one who managed to calm him down when he cried where as Mickey, who I naturally assumed would have been good in that sort of situation, made him cry even more!

Shopping: Well amongst the things I have bought this week is my amazing new hat! Although its nowhere near cold enough to wear it yet, come the winter months I will be so pleased I bought this little gem.
Verdicts on the hat so far include, ' What have you done to your hair' and 'don't stand next to me when you are wearing THAT'- so far so good!

Hat: Topshop £22
I have also purchased some khaki tailored trousers from New look and a jumper from primark...the pictures will follow soon I promise! Everyone should look in New Look as they have some gorgeous gem clutch bags at the moment, its really going up in the world actually!

Belfast: I booked my flights home to Exeter yesterday and was shocked to see just how expensive air travel has become. £170 it cost me to get from Belfast to Exeter! CRAZY! I am thinking this has something to do with the fact that I have booked at really short notice......

I am really looking forward to going home, seeing my family and catching up with all my lovely friends.

There really is no place like it hey.

In Belfast me and mickey have started the house hunt, as we will need to be living in a place of our own from January. When it comes to taste we really are like chalk and cheese. Where as he likes anything modern and minimalistic, I love vintage pieces, clutter and eclectic furniture. He wants an apartment, where as I want our own house. Wish me luck as I think I've got a battle on my hands here!

Friday, 23 September 2011

friday feeling- BINTM

This week I will be reviewing Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model, as Jade and Juste go head to head in the final showdown….

I have been a follower of the show for many years and can honestly say I am yet to miss a single series of BNTM or ANTM.

The Miami Beach Shoot
I actually attended the BNTM official end of season party at Café de Paris in London a few years ago and I was in my element.

This series has been one of my favourites yet, as I think all of the girls have had potential.

I’m not a massive fan of Elle as a host or a model to be honest, but I think the chemistry between the judges this year, particularly Grace and Julien, has also been brilliant.

My favourite model from the beginning was Imogen, as she seemed really hungry for a career in editorial modelling. She also reminds me of Audrey Hepburn as she has captivating eyes and a simple, girl next -door look. I also really liked Jess, as she was such a caring and genuine girl. I don’t think either should have gone and I think a final between those two would have been really interesting, as both are fiercely competitive and deserving of the crown.

The Wedding Couture Shoott
Even so, now we are left with Jade, the beauty with an unusual complexion and Juste, the confident European with strong features. Out of the two of them I am gunning for Jade, as she seems much more humble and modest. I really believe her when she says she had no idea she would get this far. What’s more she keeps saying she wants to make her family proud, showing just how down to earth she is. 

Jade undeniably has the most striking, unique look out of all of the girls and I am constantly wowed over by the pictures she takes each week. It would appear that she is the only person who cannot see how good she is, as she often comes across as lacking confidence and self belief.... 
I cannot wait to see the final show down between the two girls. Last years live show was cringe in places, as it was ill-timed and perhaps lacked organisation. 
Lets hope this year things will look up!

Mr. Jay makes an appearance in the final episode to help the girls with their runway walks- this I cannot wait to see!
Catch the final on 26th September usual time, usual place.

Go Jade!! 

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

designer lounge: snakeskin

This season animal print, particularly snake print, will be making it’s presence felt on the high street.

Designers such as Henry Holland sported his SS12 ‘House of Holland’ collection at LFW and it was clear to see the excessive use of snakeskin print. Needless to say, it looked fabulous.

Dalmatian Chelsea Boots
Henry’s collection was full of sugary colour palette pieces with a hint of snakeskin thrown into the mix. The delicate look of the silks and soft colouring was contrasted with the bold leather and snakeskin print. When it comes to wearing snakeskin, try adding a little neon colouring to ensure you stand out from the crowd.

Elsewhere leopard print will also be making another appearance this season. This print in particular can look fabulous if it’s done properly, get it wrong and you will never live it down. If you are brave enough to attempt this look, why not add a touch of leather, which will create a sultry sexy style.
Blouse £16.99
New Look
Topshop recently showcased their Dalmatian print Unique collection at an A/W11 catwalk, which was interesting! The designers, inspired by 1930’s America, went all out- even giving the models dog like hairstyles! The monochromatic Dalmatian pieces were just gorgeous and designers have reassured fashion addicts that this collection will soon translate into store.
Karen Bonser, head of design at Topshop, admitted that the collection was inspired by dogs and particularly the film 101 Dalmatians-amazing!
That’s what I love about fashion, it’s always evolving and it’s so wonderfully weird and unpredictable!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

snap shot 2

* well I have finally decided on some photos for this weeks snap shots. It's really hard to take a good picture when you are actually trying to pose and look good!! It definitely doesn't come naturally to me...anyway hope you like!
*I am wearing one of my favourite shirts in these pictures. I only bought it about a month ago but it appears to already be out of stock online. It is definitely worth keeping an eye on it though, as it may come back in or they may introduce it in another colour. This is a coffee silk crepe shirt and cost £40 from Topshop.
*my scarf is recently purchased from primemark and has zebra's on it! So cute! I think this is one of my favourite things I own and it only cost £4! This scarf is also available in lots of different patterns and styles.
*my chino's are from primemark and cost £12. They fitted me really well at first but since buying them they have become a little looser...I still love them though and they go with pretty much anything. The belt I added myself and it is also from primemark costing £2.
*my loafers are comfortable and so easy to wear. They were £50 from Topshop....once again they are no longer available to buy online, however I have linked you to a similar pair of tanned loafers.

sunday scene 2

Work: I have had a good week this week, managed to get a lot done work wise and have been able to do a lot of yoga as well which is really good for me. Am really enjoying my classes and am finding that in terms of my flexibility, they are working wonders. I also feel like I am getting more toned which is always a good thing! I am hoping to get my blog connected up to the Inside Ireland i.e website next week, I know I keep saying this but hopefully this will be the week it happens! 

Spare Time: Had dinner with some friends early on in the week, which was nice. We went to Tony Roma's- an all american cuisine restaurant. For my review check it out on Inside Irelands i.e website. Tony Roma's Review It was nice to have some female company, as living in a house full of men definitely takes its toll! 

Shopping: Had a stressful day yesterday so ended up spending a small fortune in town, mostly in prime mark! They have so much nice stuff at the moment and although its gotten more expensive, it is definitely still the best place on the high street to shop in terms of value for money.

Check out the shoes I bought. Although I wouldn't usually buy two pairs, when I moved to Northern Ireland I think I under estimated just how miserable the weather is! The pair on the left cost £14 and the pair on the right cost only £15....two pairs of shoes for under £30- bargain!
perfect for the cold months
Mickey and I went to watch the rugby on Friday evening which was nice, I was lucky enough to acquire free tickets from a certain lovely someone at work and I'm not one to pass up a freebie!  

Had a quiet Saturday evening in which was nice, special crisps and wine were plentiful thats to say!

My family are in cardiff at the moment living the dream, so I keep receiving regular up dates of what they are eating, buying, seeing etc. Im not there and I'm still being spoilt, presents from urban outfitters? Wont say no to that!

Belfast: One of my best friends has booked her flight to come over and visit me in October for Halloween. A little bit of home- which is exactly what I think I need right now. She has never been to Belfast either so I think it will be an eye opener! Although she will only be with us for two days, we are hoping to fit a lot of catching up, shopping, sight seeing and drinking in! 

LFW: London Fashion Week has been a big part of my week this week so it needs another mention. The eagerly anticipated event kicked off on Friday and Boris Johnson officially declared it open, saying he was passionate about fashion and wants London to be the fashion capital of the world.

I have been keeping up to date with the highlights through LFWTV as I mentioned a few days ago. Innovative, dynamic and diverse as ever, LFW has presented some rather exciting trends for Spring Summer 2012 (SS12).

In terms of favourites, I particularly liked Westwood's Red Label collection. As always her range was exciting, vibrant and bold. Westwood's collection played with the idea of femininity V's masculinity, as she showcased a number of luxurious suit's and shirts. This was juxtaposed with bright prints, low necklines and vibrant makeup and head pieces. LOVED IT.   

From what I have seen, we can expect to see lots of luxurious fabrics, lace, black and white, dramatic high neck lines and bold colours for SS12. 

Further-more if Julien MacDonald's SS12 collection is anything to go by, expect to see lots of metallic, gold and black sequins and sheer fabrics on the high street. I cannot wait!!

Friday, 16 September 2011

friday feeling- the way we were

*Warning may contain spoilers!

This is the part of my blog where I review a place, a film, an item of clothing...anything that I fancy really.

This week I have decided to review, supposedly the most romantic film of all time, 'The Way We Were'. 

My reasons for watching this film were two-fold, recommended by my best friend and Carrie Bradshaw, watching ‘The Way We Were’ has been on my to do list for a while. 

Famous perhaps more so for its sound track, ‘The Way We Were’ which was sung by Streisand herself, this film shows two of the very greatest at their very best.

Starring the beautiful Robert Redford alongside Barbra Streisand, the film revolves around two star-crossed lovers who can neither live with or without each other. 

Redford plays Hubbell Gardiner and Streisand Katie Morosky, the characters who are sure to make you laugh and cry.

The film itself touches upon much more than just the perils of love, it dives into the issues surrounding foreign war, domestic prosperity and political unrest.

Katie, who is the secretary of the young communist league on campus, is at the heart of all this action. 

The film starts with a flash back, both Katie and Hubble attend the same college but despite this they live very different lives.

Hubble’s attention is focused on self-indulgent things such as popularity and pursuing women, where as Katie is much more of a humanitarian, helping others and desperately pursuing her political interests.

The audience are teased at the beginning with the potential relationship between the two. Evidently Katie adores Hubble, but what she most likes about him is his writing, which to her surprise is even better than her own.

As an audience rather disappointingly we don't get too hear much of Hubble's stories, we just know they are of high standing. 

When the two finally re-kindle their relationship some ten years later and get married, the path to true love certainly does not run smoothly.

Katie’s politically active mind sends Hubble to despair, and although at first he believes it’s charming, when they get married it starts to drive them apart.

Hubble, who is originally in the navy but is encouraged by Katie to become an author, knows deep down that his marriage is falling apart. 

Katie disapproves of his friends, as they are often uncouth and rude about the president and his wife. 

With all this, Hubble has an affair with his high school sweetheart, who was once his best friends ex-wife. This situation is made all the worse as Katie is pregnant at the time.

At this part in the film I though it was a bit odd as not much was made of Katie’s pregnancy- she didn’t even have an obvious baby bump!  

Katie, having realised the affair, is desperate to reconcile and save their marriage. Hubble on the other hand has other ideas and has no energy left to fight. I really felt for Katie as this stage, as Hubble abandons her and her unborn child. Not much is made of this either and at the end of the film when they bump into each other on the street, he doesn’t seem bothered about his child who he has never met.

Through out the film the relationship is off and on and Hubble is usually the only who dictates which way this goes. Undoubtedly he has the upper hand and Katie is desperately seeking his love, the way she desperately seeks acceptance from her political audiences. Katie's desperation at times is hard to watch, as she will do anything to make her marriage work. 

The relationship it seems is simply not meant to be and ultimately it just cannot be revived.

This film, although it made me sad at times, is incredibly refreshing as audiences are presented with the idea that happy endings don’t always exist and relationships don’t always work out.

The film ended with Katie and Hubble bumping into each other on the streets of New York some time after their separation. 

Hubble had met someone else and Katie has re-discovered her love for politics, continuing to protest incessantly. It would seem that in a sense there is a happy ending, as although her marriage broke down, Katie finally manages to let Hubble go, ‘Your girl is lovely Hubble’. 

This film is sad to watch at times and although my boyfriend certainly didn’t appreciate it, I would advice all my girlfriends to watch it, particularly if they need a good cry! 

'see ya kid'!

* Disclaimer: this review is based upon my own thoughts and findings 

Thursday, 15 September 2011

on the eve of LFW

So the eagerly anticipated London Fashion Week kicks off tomorrow and I, along with many other dedicated fashion followers, will be keeping up to date 24/7 to ensure I don't miss out on any of the action.

Fashion week is undoubtedly London's biggest week of the year and between 16th-21st September hundreds of designers will grace the catwalk, along with budding new talents who will present their collections at exhibitions. 

In order to keep up with the action I will be staying up to date with, 'The Daily'- the voice and collective conscience of fashion week. 

The online publication is produced from Somerset House, where all the action kicks of and is a fashionista's bible this time of year.

What's more I will also be keeping up to date on LFW TV, which gives you the latest from the Catwalks and exhibitions, with exclusive interviews and unseen footage.

This year I am eagerly awaiting Jasper Conran's designs as well as Julien Macdonald's, both of which will be showcasing their 2012 collections on Saturday 17th.

When it comes to Julien Macdonald, people tend to forget that the man is famous for much more than sitting on the panel of a modelling competition, he has also worked for the likes of Chanel and Lagerfeld. An impressive resume I am sure you will agree.

Like a kid in a sweet shop, I am SO excited for this years fashion week. Prepare the champers and lets see some fabulous clothes people!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

designer lounge: coats

In this weeks designer lounge I will be looking at different coats and jackets for your A/W wardrobe.

So it's that time of year again when we all start to think about investing in a winter coat that will see us right through the cold spell.

Like always our options are plentiful and choosing outerwear can often seem like a chore.

I know personally that choosing a winter coat is a hard decision, not because I can't find one that I like but because I like all of them....

I would say, what with clothing prices on the increase, its better to opt for a slightly cheaper option as coats tend to go out of fashion extremely quickly.

Personally I tend to buy a few coats between now and the up and coming winter months, which gives me choice and range.

However, if you are the sort of shopper who purchases one coat for the entire winter, than be prepared to spend a little more on the chosen one.

That said, here are some of the most reasonably priced and stylish coats I have come across on the high street.

1. This mans wool crombie coat by boutique is £175 from Topshop- but fear not! I am not suggesting you should rush out and spend a fortune on it! I am simply using this as an example, as I have seen a coat very similar to this one in Primemark for about £30. This just goes to show that it is definitely worth shopping around before you spend the earth on your winter coat. However if you can afford more expensive pieces, this coat is worth a second look. 

2. If you are looking to spend very little on your winter coat, then I have definitely found the one for you! This shearling duffle coat is from New Look and is just £7!! The reason being is its from last years winter range, that said you will get away with wearing it this winter, as fur line and sheep skin are set to be big this season. NB: Online there are only sizes 6/8 left. 

3. This tobacco brown quilted jacket is from River Island and cost £50. Quilted jackets were definitely big last season, however they are sure to keep your warm this season as well. I have recently purchased a green one from Primemark costing just £22.

4. If you are someone who feels the cold, as am I, a fur coat will keep you as snug as a bug in a rug this winter! Whether they are in fashion or not, I will be wearing mine throughout the winter months as I love it. It looks great dressed casually or dressed up- everyone should invest! This beautiful fur coat is £39.99 from h&m. Fake fur all the way.

5. Return of the mac? I think so! This classic tab pocket mac is from Matalan and cost £40. This coat is thin and therefore perfect for the cooler days that lead up to winter. This mac in particular would look great with work wear or evening wear, as the belt around the waist will give you some shape- something that many coats definitely don't do. 

6. This is possibly my favourite coat out of them all. If you are not quite brave enough to try fur all over, then something like this twill faux fur collar coat is ideal. Costing £85, a tad extreme I realise, this coat will last and last. If you are someone who likes to look vintage without necessary buying vintage, than this coat is for you. The perfect christmas present from Miss Selfridge. 

susie lau

Infamous fashion blogger Susie Lau has spoken exclusively to Topshop about her blog, style bubble and what inspires her eclectic style.

Susie has also showcased her talent and love for style by selecting a number of Topshop pieces and taking over their edited space in a bid to inspire your new A/W wardrobe.

I personally think this is a great idea, as some of the more hard to wear piece are featured in Susie's chosen few, giving others the confidence to buy and fall in love with them.

Miss Lau
Check out her Susie's Lau's chosen pieces: A/W11

What's more Susie's interview with Topshop also gives tips and advice on what exciting new pieces you can adventurously team with what. Definitely worth a look for those of us who spend most of our time checking out fashion inspired blogs in order to create our next 'look'.

It's also great to read thoughts and ideas from someone who is clearly as enthusiastic about clothes as you!


Monday, 12 September 2011

snap shot 1

*well after much deliberation and just general 'fanning' i have decided to use this as my snap-shot this week
*here I am wearing my urban outfitters scarf teamed with my grey sheer animal print blouse from Topshop (which I wear all the time)
*my crazy festival earrings were also from Topshop and I managed to find them in the sale for just £5....
*im afraid at the moment it is very much a case of recycling old clothes and rummaging through charity shops and vintage places for a bargain. my internship is unpaid so i am being very careful with the pennies...but being on a budget is just a challenge, it doesn't mean you can't look good!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

sunday scene 1

So I am keeping to my written word and posting on a Sunday, a day which would usually consist of very little.

Work: I have been very productive at work this week, getting lots written and published. I have been working from home which at first I found challenging, but now I have gotten myself into a strict routine, I have found I can be just as productive as when I work from the office. inside ireland i.e.

Spare time: My week mainly consisted of yoga and more yoga! I am aiming to do it three times a week as I am really feeling the benefits in terms of flexibility and also relaxation. I would thoroughly recommend it for those of you who find it hard to unwind or just want to test your core stability. The class makes me feel good from start to finish- I actually have a class this evening to round the week off nicely. flow yoga belfast

Yesterday I tried my hand at ice-skating, which went better than I had expected. It was the first time I had ever put a pair of ice skates on, so I think I really did well! I didn’t fall over once, ( if only the same can be said for Mickey!)
Looking around me I was frustrated by the fact that I was a learner, when there were 5 year old who looked like they were born wearing ice skates- they were completely fearless.

Yesterday evening Mickey and I went out for drinks with two of his lovely friends, laughed all night long and ended up in McDonalds, standard I guess. ( I would like to add here that I refrained from such impulsive eating). 

Shopping: I have had to curb my spending habits as my internship is unpaid- however I have still allowed myself the odd treat now and then.
Last week I purchased a beautiful royal blue blouse from h&m for only £14- in keeping with the jewel colours trend it will be definitely be a keeper for the winter. It also looks great with some orange feather earrings I found in prime mark, which gives it a more casual look.

I will be posting pictures up when I can manage to take a decent one- so don’t hold your breath!

Belfast: Missing home this week massively, miss being able to have lunch with my friends and being able to just go to the gym. I also miss my teenie tiny little room and meal times with my mama, papa and sis. Still I am making new friends over here every day and it is worth it just being with Mickey! 

No one ever said the road to vogue ran smoothly hey!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

change it up

I have decided that it time to revamp and revitalise my humble little blog.

I will be changing a few fundamental aspects of my blog and becoming more of a regular on the scene.

My main reasons for these changes are to establish more of a bloggers identity. I am hoping to go far with my little fashion blog and this in turn requires more dedication and creativity on my part. I am also hoping to connect my work up to Inside Ireland i.e. as I have already mentioned, so it therefore needs to have more of a clear- cut direction and link to my life. 

With that in mind, here is what I will be introducing.

*Sunday Scene: Every Sunday I will be doing a weekly round up. I will be sharing with my followers details of what I got up to in the week, how my blogging is going and how life in Ireland is taking shape. These posts, I am hoping, will become almost like a diary- in format and in style.

*Every Tuesday I will update my blog with what I think are the latest trends, key pieces, looks in the Designer Lounge. 

*Each week I will upload a new photograph of myself wearing a new item of clothing, sporting a new look or just being creative with old clothes. This will take on a self- portrait format and is called: Snap Shot

*Finally I will include a review of a different item each week on my blog. The review will be published every Friday. This review can be about anything, whether it be a piece of jewellery, an item of clothing, a film, a place or even a new hairstyle I've tried. The reviews can be found under the heading, Friday Feeling. 

So watch this space and I hope that you all like the new ‘BraceletsandBangles’. 

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

rimmel’s vinyl lip-gloss.

When it comes to lip-gloss, I have always used Virgin Vie’s blush clear gloss.

It is a natural product that reacts with the skins PH, leaving a sheer strawberry to a deeper natural cheery hue. It is a lip stain so the colour is long lasting and doesn’t loose its shine.

However, as much as I rate this product very highly, it is quite expensive at £10 for a small tube that lasts me only about a month. So I felt it was time to tighten the purse strings and opt for a slightly cheaper lip-gloss that will do more or less the same thing.

That said, I purchased Rimmel’s vinyl lip- Gloss that boasted itself to be a ‘voluptuously shiny lip-gloss’, however I was quite disappointed. It claims to make your lips up to 40% curvier and whilst this may be true (although I have yet to notice) it stays on for no time at all.

Supposedly it takes just ‘one stroke’ to get the London look, except this couldn’t be further from the truth. The colour fades extremely quickly and I found myself having to re-apply every 15 minutes. Inconvenient and a waste of time.

I went with the 301 shade, ‘addictive’ the colour that model Georgia May Jagger is supposedly wearing in the advertisements. However the colour comes out completely different and is verging on purple instead of pink.  Whats’s more, I would go as far to say it looks slightly tacky.   

Although this product is supposed to be the best on the market, I fail to see this and I don’t think I will be purchasing it again. Rimmel is good for your bog standard items such as liquid eyeliner and pencil eyeliner, but when it comes to the lips, I will stick to Virgin Vie from now on.

In terms of price, the vinyl max lip-gloss was relatively cheap and cost £4.99 from Boots. Reasonable if you are looking for a quick fix on a night out, but a waste of money if you want something more long lasting and substantial.

I would score this product 2/5

*Disclaimer- this review is based upon my own thoughts and opinions 

Thursday, 1 September 2011

dot to dot

From the moment Marilyn sported the itsy bitsy polka dot bikini (circa 1951), fashion gave in to the power of the polka dot.

The longevity of the polka dot is undeniable, as it has had its presence in every decade, from the 40’s tea dress to the 70’s culottes.
That said, the polka dot is back for another season, so expect to see the high street go dotty for polka dots this autumn.

As seen on the catwalk, Stella McCartney's Polka Dot creation has inspired celebrities such as the SJP, Fearne cotton and Kate Winslet (left) to sport a dotty design.

Winslet wore McCartney at the New York premiere of Mildred Pierce and dazzles in the sheer, polka dot dress.  

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Take a look at how the polka dot was worn on the catwalk this season

Lanvin; Stella McCartney; L.A.M.B.; Marc Jacobs; Topshop Unique. 
  here is how you can embrace, enjoy and have fun with this season's polka dot craze....

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