Friday, 26 November 2010


This amazingly beautiful bag is safely on my 'need list'. Pay day cant come quick enough! Despite its undeniable beauty, this one of a kind bag/metal box costs a mere £45. I LOVE IT.
Premium Round Cameo Style Metal Box Bag

Thursday, 25 November 2010


Like most ladies, I don't tend to wake up looking the way I do(ha!)- its all down to at least 14 items and a combination of hair products, moisturising creams and drinking buckets of water. That said, I have decided to put together a break down of my most used make-up products, some more expensive then others and some that I have been using for years.

1. Smokin' Eyes Compact by Benefit. I bought this compact a year ago and I am still using it every day. The compact comes with 'instructions', so to speak, detailing exactly how to achieve that smokey eye look- a look I am still envious off when I see it being done well. The compact comes with an eyeliner, an eyebrow/eye shadow brush and the best tweezers I have ever used ( really expensive to buy on their own). Smokin' eyes is really a very easy look to achieve with this pact.It comes with three eye shadow colours-dark grey, black and  pink which looks really effective under the brow. I also use this pact to fill in my eyebrows as it comes with a brown shade perfect for grooming eye brows. It cost £27- good value for money. 

2. Midnight Blue Bourjois- a great little addition to your make up bag- I have had this product for at least a year. It is fantastic for making your eyes stand out and giving definition. I think it was roughly £5.

3. Dandelion Benefit Blusher. This is a classic ballerina powder that is perfect for pale skin. To be honest this is a few shades to light for my skin and I prefer Benefits Coralista Blusher, which I have used before and found it be a better match for my skin tone. This blusher cost £23.50 and undoubtedly gives your skin a pretty pink glow.

4. This clinique lipgloss was a freebie from Elle magazine about a month ago. I told all my friends about this amazing bargain- and once this one runs out I wont hesitate to actually pay for another. That's some good advertising ploy hey.

5. Realness of Consealness from Benefit was a purchase I made to treat myself as I was going to a party with good friends at Cafe de Paris in London. Although I don't use it as much recently, this 'mini fake it kit' is portable and handy. It also comes with three tubes of fake it goodies: ooh la lift instant under-eye brightening boost, lip plump primer for full, sexy lips and high beam complexion highlighter. Reasonably priced at £23.50

6. Clinique mascara- another fantastic freebie ( it seems clinique are very good at doing this). In early November when you traded in any old mascara Clinique gave you a free tester mascara. This mascara is fantastic and yet again, when the tester runs out I will be back for more- this time parting with cash.

7. My Virgin Vie foundation compact is the staple part of my make up bag. Needless to say if i were stranded on a desert island this would indeed be one of my key items. I have used Virgin Vie make up for as long as I can remember. Its affordable and feels 'silky' on your skin. Being addicted to Virgin Vie make up also means I get to attend lots of virgin vie partys as well...Result.

8. Beat the Blue's by Collection 2000 is a very similar product to Benefit's High Beam- only it costs a fraction of the price. I think I paid just £4 compared to £17.50 for Benefit's complexion enhancer.  

9.  Benetint Lip Balm SPF 15. A fantastic lip balm that is reasonably priced. Not only does it have SPF to protect your lips from the sun, it gives your lips a bright, vibrant rose-tinted edge. £13.50

10. Rimmel Eye Definer. My second must have desert island purchase. This is a brilliant eyeliner that defines your eyes and stays on all day. It cost a mere £4. On average I buy one every two months.

11. Another Collection 2000 purchase that I discovered in Look magazine when it was being compared to, once again, Benefits Benetint- a rose tinted lip and cheek stain. I believe you can still buy Pussy Cat lip and cheek tint and it costs about £4.

12. A christmas present last year, if you are a fan of glitter ( and lots of it!) this is the product for you! This is a Virgin Vie glitter stick and it really does brighten up your make up- be careful though as the wand is on a spring and does have a tendency to cover you in glitter! £ 12.99

13. Dior Eye shadow- consiting of a purple, gold and cream colours. Another freebie! Sometimes it pays to be cheeky ladies! I asked at the counter for a tester and the rest is Dior history....

14. Rimmel Liquid Eyeliner- probably a product most ladies have in their make up bag. Easy to use ( after a lot of practice!) and cheap. I think this cost me just £5 and I tend to buy a new one every 6 months....

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Confessions of a nail polish addict...

In terms of DIY there is one task that I can get on board with. Painting my nails. In fact, I think it’s become somewhat of an obsession….
Although a minimal part of any outfit, I would suggest that your nails are given as much attention as your hair and your teeth. With nail polish, you can be as creative, as mad, as excentric as you please, as it is just a small part of your look that counts for a lot.
Recently I heard a ridiculous comment made in the press regarding nail polish. It was mentioned that you can tell a successful and busy women from the condition of her nail polish. If it is chipped she is busy, successful and ‘on trend’ and if it is maintained and tidy, so to speak, she has quite simply nothing better to do with her time. In essence I suppose I can understand this however I think if you lead a busy life, which I have once been known to do, there is nothing more relaxing or fulfilling then spending some time pampering. Painting my nails, I am fully aware how shallow and superficial this is by the way, makes me feel tranquil and re-energized.
Every Saturday when my parents and I go in to Exeter for the usual bucket of coffee and window shop, it is imperative that I purchase at least one Barry M nail polish in a new, sought after shade. This weekend the shop assistant in Superdrug actually gasped with shock (or perhaps horror) when my mum asked me which shade of polish I DIDN’T have. I rest my case. My name is Lauryn Mann and I am a nail polish addict….
Some of my recent purchases include the shades mushroom, grey, mauve and silver. I think silver is fairly ‘out there’ but to me, that is what fashion is all about. When it comes to the colour of your nail polish, no matter how reserved you are with your clothing, you are as free to be as expressive as you wish. I also love emerald and indigo, both of which brighten up any outfit and stand out from the crowd. 
The basic must have nail polish colours include:
Black: sophisticated and professional
Electric Blue: exciting and edgy
Red: feminine and striking
So get painting!

Ombre hair

Although I have only recently become aware of this fashion trend, thank you best friend, I think this is something that is really quite contagious. Ombre hair, seen sported by the likes of Alexa Chung and Fern Cotton, is a graduation of hair colour from light to dark or dark to light. Not to be confused with bad roots of course, Ombre hair is something that is very popular at the moment. Personally I am a massive fan and I think that it compliments the heritage and tapered trends of the moment, although perhaps a style more suited to the summer months. I am always looking for exciting new ways to change my look, I get restless exceptionally quickly, and Ombre hair is subtle yet effective.  Although in the winter I prefer my hair to be dark and rich, Ombre hair is definitely something I will be baring in mind for summer as a slight change to your look does wonders.
A plus for Ombre hair, it doesn’t matter what length your hair may be. This style suits all sorts of cuts whether you have a graduated bob or long luscious locks. It looks great on everyone and will definitely give you that all important ‘edge’.  One thing I would say, drawing upon lots of previous experience, make sure you get your hair dyed professionally or else it will be very costly and trust me, it could go HIDEOUSLY wrong.  


One things for sure, this season Knitwear features heavily in all of the high street super powers. Whilst Knitwear would have once conjured up ideas of hideously tacky christmas sweaters and unflattering leggings from the 80's, this winter it couldn't be more stylish or contemporary. When it comes to wearing it right, keeping it simple is the trick. That said, mixing fabrics and textures can give you an original edge that will make others envious....
Layering is essential when it comes to achieving a successful winter look. A trend that was pretty big last year, be sure to be on stand-by with your big wooly scarfs, cosey snood's and plain tee's from HnM.
Personally, I have always loved Knitwear whether its been in or out of season. My Gran knitted me a timeless woollen cardigan when I was just 13- it still fits me now and I rediscover it each year when I begin to feel the cold. It looks great with skinny jeans and brogues, both of which are key in the heritage trend that keeps resurfacing. Wearing the cardigan with brogues gives it that chic, expensive look whilst wearing it with Uggs make's it look more comfortable and casual. Do not be afraid to rummage around in the back of your wardrobe, what's more charity shops and jumble sales can also prove incredibly worthwhile when it comes to discovering vintage, one of a kind Knitwear .
In terms of where you can find these treasures, I have actually managed to find a very similar one to the jumper my gran knitted me on for only £48 and trust me- you will wear it for years to come! It's great when you are feeling the cold in or outside. Take a look.
Primemark is also one of many places at the moment that has an array of cosey winter pieces. I have recently bought a few winter jumpers from their only for my friends, who claim to detest primark, to buy the exact same things themselves a few weeks later (you know who you are!).

Pay Day

I'm sure for many of us payday has just passed, signally an almost immediate trip to the high street and I don't know about you but I always have my next outfit in my mind's eye. After a recent trip to beautiful Canterbury in Kent, I resisted all sorts of splendor on the high street. Topshop in particular had an array of treasures. Oversized granddad jumpers, a floral cropped shrug and long sleeve silk blouses were amongst the few things I cast a wishful eye upon. (Last month's spending spree didn't leave much to the imagination, still an aviator jacket and a lightening bolt tee now take pride place in my bursting wardrobe).
The leather satchelWhilst in Canterbury I purchased perhaps one of the best buy's I've come across in a long time. A real leather satchel that, I've since found for £70 on eBay, cost a mere £20. A stunning buy that really smartens up any outfit, I would thoroughly recommend everyone rush out and buy one of these striking satchels for the winter months. I came across this sexy accessory at Courtyard Bazaar- a vintage market in Canterbury High Street. When I asked the lady selling all the bits and pieces where the bag was from, she simply replied, 'The 80's darling' which made me all the more sure I had to have it......

Fashion begins here

Hello to all you fashion fiends who happen upon my humble little fashion blog. Here is where I, rather arrogantly and self importantly, lay bare a jumble of opinions and judgements on the latest fashion trends and what trends myself I am captivated by. I hope whoever may be reading this goes away with a positive experience- or an experience none the less.