Monday, 31 October 2011

designer lounge: pink

I have finally managed to connect to the internet today from Andrew's parents house so here goes an extremely over due 'designer lounge'....

First of all let me say a big 'HAPPY HALLOWEEN' to everyone. Ironically I will be posting about the colour pink today, slightly untoward as halloween is a day representative of all things gothic, deadly and evil and lets face it the colour 'pink' couldn't be any less relevant........

Secondly can I please ask you all to 'like' my Bigwardrobe Stylist: Lauryn page and the outfits I post as I could win prizes and ultimately a job with the styling team..thanks guys!..

PINK: Perhaps a colour that previously most of us would have avoided for fear of looking too 'girly', pink has made its way back onto the high street this season and I for one think its come back is way over due.

I would advise investing in some sunglasses this season as not only is pink back, but its brighter and bolder than ever before. Prepare to see an influx of fluorescent, eye catching shades of pink this season as this ladies and gentlemen is a colour that you should no longer fear. Depending on how brave you are, team your pink item of clothing with polka dots or glitter for a fun and festive combination.

If the catwalk is anything to go by, pink is set to be this seasons key colour of choice....

WARNING: contains hot pink
If you love this trend but are not quite sure if you could pull off a pink item of clothing, why not adapt this look and go for a pink lipstick to brighten up your style and add a hint of glamour.

Check out how Beyonce wore her high impact, high fashion pink lipstick.

 After extensive search, here are some of the best pink items I have found on the high street.

For those of you who feel that a slightly more subtler pink is more your thing,
this silk velvet tee is from Topshop and cost £36. For the perfect autumn look team this top with a stylish blazer and cropped chinos. 

Although these tailored trousers are very expensive, there are plenty of inexpensive variations on the high street. These hot pink crepe trousers are £127 from Urban Outfitters. 

These 'pretty n pink' Nubuck boat shoes are from Urban Outfitters
and are in the sale costing £25

Inject a sense of colour into your outfit with these bright pink asymmetric court shoes. These beautiful heels are £40 and can be found in River Island. Ideally these shoes would look great with an entirely black outfit.  

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

life without internet..

Hello followers of bracelets and bangles! Apologises for my absence…

Unfortunately, as you may have noticed,  I haven’t been blogging recently as I no longer have access to the internet at my house:( We are hoping to get it sorted sometime this week so hopefully things will be back to normal soon. I am currently having to use wifi in Starbucks...but hopefully this won't be the case for much longer....

I have really missed blogging this week, but I have still been managing to tweet on my phone with regards to blog ideas etc...

SOOOOO I hope you are all well and this is what's new with me....

Belfast: I have been back in Belfast for two weeks now and I actually met up with an old friend on the flight back which was great. It turned out our seats were right next to each other! I love random acts of coincidence like this:)

Andrew and I have now got the entire house to ourselves- which is great and a little creepy! Luckily his 'ma' and 'da' live just up the road, so we can pay them visits when we need a nice cup of tea and are feeling hungry ha..

Fashion: I have started a new adventure this week as I am doing a few bits and pieces for which is exciting. Basically is a site where you are given the opportunity to sell and swap your vintage, designer or high street clothes. Its a brilliant website and a great idea. If you are familiar with Net-A-Porter you will know how this sort of thing works. 

I am gutted that I haven't been able to get stuck into this project:( But when the internet is up and running at our new place hopefully I will be able to crack on with my page and really make the most of this opportunity...

In the mean time check out my Bigwardrobe Stylist Page on Facebook. When I can I will put together outfits that I will recommend to people and if lots of people 'like' my page then I could win prizes each week! There isn't anything exciting on it yet but hopefully there soon will be. 

Job hunting: I am still job hunting in Belfast and have yet to be successful. Its exceptionally hard to find anything at the moment which is worrying, especially with Christmas around the corner. I have had a few promising interviews recently, so I will keep my fingers crossed and let you guys know if I hear anything.

Home: I am looking to move back home at the end of January, as before I move in with Andrew permanently, I want to have some savings behind me. Having spent the last couple of months effectively working for free, my savings have definitely taking a battering! Still its been worth it and I have more experience to add to my cv..

Shopping: In terms of what I’ve been buying…NOT MUCH! I have bought the odd thing from primark but that’s about it to be honest, how boring am I?! I will hopefully get the chance to show you guys very soon...

Youtube: I am looking to create my second youtube video next week internet depending. I had wanted to do it before now but unfortunately just haven’t been able to. The first one, 'What I've been buying' was a great success so I am looking to film a boyfriend post soon.

Once again I apologise for my absence..look out for my Bigwardrobe Stylist Page and keep your eyes peeled for the next bracelets and bangles youtube instalment

Bracelets and bangles will be back soon!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


As I mentioned in my previous post, I helped my sister with a photo shoot for her graphic design project last sunday.

It was actually lots of fun but it definitely didn't come naturally to me...I don't really take myself seriously enough to be honest. I think out of about 100 photos she could only use a couple because I was laughing in all of them! Anyway I tried my best but I won't give up my day job....


Envy is Cloe's fictional fashion label for a graphic design project. Inspired by 'Messy Graphics', Envy is a combination of bold and original pieces reminiscent of work by Antony Micallef. The word 'envy' connotes ideas of jealously and judgement of which Cloe attempts to capture in her work.

The idea of envy was portrayed throughout the photo shoot and this involved me looking straight down the camera lens to create a sense of mysteriousness. The location for the shoot was also purposely secretive, with Cloe specifically choosing these lush green surroundings to portray a sense of enviousness in a secret garden fashion.

I have uploaded some photos with different effects...I have also included a break down of what I am wearing...Hope you guys like my sisters work and remember, keep it heritage this winter!
Faux Fur Hat: Topshop £22
Shirt: Topshop £38
Boots: Primark £17
Feather Earrings: Primark £3
Scarf: Urban Outfitters £25

I will also include Cloe's final project on my blog, so keep your eyes peeled and I hope you like her fantastic work!

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

designer lounge: white lace

Personally I think that lace in general is a trend that never really goes out of fashion.

White lace in particular has been out and come back in again countless times but needless to say, it is back yet again to see us through the festive period.

The perfect piece for a Christmas party or simply to wear on a night out with the girls, the white lace dress specifically is a must this season.

White lace is perfect for multi-layering and accessorising. For example a white lace blouse can be worn in the summer with some high- waisted shorts or with a smart blazer and scarf in the winter. You can wear white lace out for dinner with some flats or glam it up with a pair of swanky heels to add class and style. It's sexy, versatile and it reinvents itself every time it hits the high street, year after year.

As I have mentioned the white lace dress was a big hit last year and is set to reappear on the high street for a second year running. Personally I think its hard to pull of white lace, especially if you have fair colouring or blonde hair. I would suggest that white lace can be carried off better by brunettes and those with auburn hair.

If you want to wear lace but don't quite think you can pull off the lace dress, you may wish to team black tailored trousers with a white lace blouse, or even a chiffon blouse with lace shorts. You definitely have plenty of options this season!

Here are some of the best pieces I could find on the high street for affordable prices:

Lace Blouse £22.99 New Look

Lace Cropped Top £8 ASOS BARGAIN!

Lace Tunic £38 Topshop...I realise this isn't entirely white lace,
but it gives you a good idea of how you can create
a vintage inspired look.. white lace is great for layering
White Lace Dress £55 Warehouse
White Lace Skirt £20 Topshop

Monday, 17 October 2011

my first video blog

hello lovely readers...

check out my very first video post...let me know your thoughts!

I intend to add more videos in the next couple of days so check out my channel:

bracelets and bangles on youtube!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

sunday scene 5

Home: I've had a great time at home and it's coming to an end already- its gone so fast!

Today I've had a relaxing Sunday filled with a yummy roast dinner, sisterly chats and long walks. I am meeting up with a friend for dinner tomorrow night and then I have a Zumba class with the girls on Tuesday which should be good. I've wanted to try Zumba for ages as I have done lots of dancing in the past, but I just haven't been able to find a class that's affordable and accessible. I will let you know how it goes!

I am also hoping to post some snapshots on here before I return to Northern Ireland- its just really hard finding the time and actually managing to take a good picture of myself! I helped my sister do a photo shoot today for her graphics project, so hopefully if there are any good pictures I will share them with you all during the week.

Shopping: Unfortunately there is very little to report here- I am absolutely skint and am saving my pennies for Christmas! I am however selling things on eBay so check it out...

Belfast: I am looking forward to seeing Mickey this week- I will just miss all the home comforts! I return to Belfast this Wednesday, so it will be good to get back into my yoga routine and continue with my relentless job search. I also want to start running a lot more as well, as I have been a little slack with myself lately!

Mickey and I have a few close friends paying visits in the next couple of weeks, so I'm looking forward to seeing them and catching up:)

Blog: I've been toying with the idea of adding a weekly video post to my blog, as I have mentioned already. Although I haven't gotten round to actually filming anything yet, I have drafted ideas and posts so I'll be able to put something together soon. My stats have actually doubled since I have set up my own youtube channel, so fingers crossed when I actually start posting they will increase even more!

I will be writing my next sunday scene in Belfast..Lets hope by then I will have more to report on the job front!

In the mean time check out my Sunday pictures- this is why I love Devon.

Friday, 14 October 2011

friday feeling: friends with benefits

For this Friday Feeling post I will be reviewing the romantic comedy, 'Friends with Benefits' staring the gorgeous Justin Timberlake along side the equally gorgeous Mila Kunis. 

I am not really a fan of romantic comedies as it seems that they are all painfully predictable. Despite my reservations, this romantic comedy is much more than your average 'chic flick' and although I don't think its converted me, it's always nice to watch two people fall in love. 

Set in New York City, the big apple is as big a character in this film as Jamie and Dylan.

Dylan, an LA Blog director, gets head hunted by a sassy Jamie who's job it is to find work for aspiring graphic designers. Jamie successfully manages to land Dylan a job as director of the New York-based GQ  magazine. 

Pretty soon after Dylan takes the job the pair decide to start sleeping together in a 'no strings attached' fashion.

At this point the audience can expect to see LOTS of sex, although is nothing shocking.

However pretty soon the 'no strings attached' dynamic to their relationship sees Jamie dating other men and Dylan partying with other women, a few of which are completely insane and enjoy armpit sniffing...this part of the film is particularly funny.

The casual aspect of their relationship does not sit right with either party and although they cannot admit to themselves that there is more to their relationship than just sex, eventually when they do, their reunion is entertaining and necessary.

Both characters have an equal amount of one-liners in this film and their dialogue is often faced paced and full of satire and sarcasm, all of which is typical of a rom com.

Whats more the characters are a lot more complex than they initially seem, which is perhaps what makes this movie a tad more interesting than your average romantic comedy.
Dylan in particular is a multifaceted character, who at first appears confident and cocky when it comes to his career and women. However half way way through the film we learn there is a lot more to him then meets the eye.

Dylan's father (played by Richard Jenkins) is suffering from Alzheimer's and it's destroying his beloved family. Dylan is embarrassed by his fathers worsening symptoms as he constantly talks about his mother who he had previously divorced, as well as taking his trousers off in public.

Similarly Jamie is daughter to Lorna (played by Patricia Clarkson) an unreliable rolling stone whose bad relationships have resulted in Jamie's bad spell of romance. Lorna is unaware of who Jamie's father is and Jamie believe it is this unknown relationship that has left her 'emotionally damaged'.

The two characters mock the whole romantic ending throughout the film. I particularly liked the bit when Jamie wonders why no movies are made showing what happens after the 'big kiss' and Dylan sarcastically replies; 'They are. It's called porn'. 

The two actors definitely have chemistry and it is incredibly cute when Dylan recognises Jamie's vulnerable side as she cannot swear without blinking.

Initially it would seem that the stereotypes in other rom coms are completely dismissed in this film, as the director Will Gluck attempts to subverts our expectations. However ultimately are expectations are met, as the two make their romance official in a dramatic scene which predictably involves cheesy music and grand gestures.

'Friends with Benefits' is undeniably comparable to 'No Strings Attached' with Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher, another film about emotion less sex that turns into a full blown romance. However I think that 'Friends with Benefits' definitely has more substance and the characters are likeable. 

Although I doubt that this film will win any Oscar's any time soon, it is worth watching as it is light hearted and entertaining.  Lets face it sometimes its nice to break away from all the horror/thriller movies and focus on something positive and refreshing.

*** I am giving this movie 3 stars out of 5 as although I thought it was entertaining, it did exactly what it said it wouldn't do; succumb to romantic stereotypes. 

Disclaimer: This review is based entirely upon my own thoughts and findings.  

Thursday, 13 October 2011

designer lounge: heritage

Apologises once again for this late post but I am slowly getting my blog back on track!
I usually write my designer lounge on a Monday night and post it on Tuesday morning, but as I mentioned yesterday in my 'Home Sweet Home' post I have been so busy at home meeting up with friends and family.

ANYWAY back to fashion...

This week the significance of the heritage trend on the high street is becoming increasingly apparent. (See photos below) Barbour jacket's, silk head scarfs, tartan skirts and leather riding boots will all be worn by many fashion followers this autumn/winter. Don a waxed jacket or a duffle coat with a tip-topper hat for that super cool heritage style. 

Check out my good friend/model Lissie, who has featured an awful lot on my blog lately, sporting this eclectic, sophisticated trend.  Sponsored by Topshop in the picture below, Lissie is wearing black autumn rider bootsblack moto jeans and a petite lace embellished top all from Topshop. The Blazer is heritage check with elbow patches and is from ASOS and finally her bag is Urban Renewal out of Urban Outfitters.  

Although shopping for heritage can be expensive, it doesn't need to be when you shop around and consider your best options. For example, check out the boots that we discovered in good old primark. Imitation leather riding boots, these one of a kind beauties are identical to a pair that Chanel made earlier on in the year. These riding boots are a must and can be yours for only £25. I picked up this quirky hat for just £5 also in primark and its the ideal accessory to complete your heritage look. It had a cute little feather on the side and is similar to various other hats being sold on the high street for double (and double again) the price. 

This is a trend that anyone and everyone can pull off and you don't have to wear heritage from head to toe to ensure you create the right look. Inject a classy, British sense of style into your winter wardrobe by wearing a pair of riding boots over jeans or even a cable knit jumper that your gran has knitted you. Either way this look is simple and effective and as I have hopefully shown, it doesn't have to cost the earth.

On the catwalk this season the heritage trend was embraced by the likes of Paul Smith and Topshop. 

Embrace this trend and its quintessentially British roots. 

Heritage delights
Boots: Primark £25
Hat: Primark £5

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Home Sweet Home

on the green
I have been really rubbish with my blog lately as I've come back home for ten days and have been catching up with my friends and family.

This 'Home Sweet Home' post will act as my 'Sunday Scene' for last week and I promise to get better with posting soon!

Home: So as I mentioned I am in exeter at the moment and I've spent the last couple of days with my best friend Lissie which was great. We usually only see each other for a few hours as one of us has a bus/ train to catch, so it was nice to be able to have a girlie sleep over and just generally catch up.

We went out for dinner on Monday night which was nice, although we ended up going quite late as I was having my hair cut and when we eventually got our wasn't enough to fill a mouse! Disappointed in ASK:(

Yesterday we went to the cinema to see 'Friends with Benefits' which was surprisingly funny and entertaining- plus you got to see JT's bum which was a result! It also made me want to visit New York even more than I already did if thats even possible! Everyone should watch it just expect to see lots of sex, bums and constant banter between JT and Mila Kunis...

Also met up with some good friends in the evening and had yummy food at Nando's, it was strange as we all agreed it was like we had seen each other yesterday! I guess thats when you know you have true friends:)

Its so hard to see everyone in ten days though- I've got plans every night!

Blog: I  have been convinced to start videoing on youtube by a certain someone(lis)...I am terrified about doing it but at the same time it could help put bracelets and bangles on the map.

Here is my channel braceletsbangles28

If you want to know what sort of thing I am talking about, check out Fleur De Force's youtube channel which is just fabulous. She is confident and has new material all the time. I think it takes a lot of time and dedicated to have a full time channel on youtube, as well as a blog- so respect to her!

I will be playing around, editing and coming up with ideas over the next week or so, watch this space!

I've actually set up my own channel on youtube, so now its just about me having the courage to actually put something together!

Belfast: Its great being back home, I have settled back in right away but I am actually missing Andrew a lot more than I thought I would!

As I mentioned I am constantly applying to jobs in Belfast- its just a case of finding something now.

I am still writing for Inside Ireland i.e each day, although I have been a little slack lately. I have also got a few articles I need to write for The Publicity Loft  -a fantastic boutique agency that I have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to write for.

I have got a few other posts I intend to put up in the next couple of days, including a few snaps shots as well as my designer lounge post...

thanks for reading!

Saturday, 8 October 2011

friday feeling: internship

Friday feeling- a little late!

So since today was my last day at Inside Ireland i.e, I felt it was only right for me to take some time to think back over the past 8 weeks in Belfast and review my time here.

Although I am looking forward to going home and spending some time with my family and friends, I definitely will miss the routine I have established in the great NI- not to mention Sunday's Ulster fry.

My internship had allowed me to publish on the Internet every day which was great, although a part of me would have liked to have gotten more out of it.

It has also given me the ability to write eloquently once again, as since I graduated from university a year and a half ago, my only outlet for my writing was my blog. My time with the publication has definitely flown by and now I am looking towards the future and am hoping to continue writing my Top 5: Fashion and Beauty section for the site.

In terms of living in Belfast in general, I have found that you can never really run out of things to do, as its a capital city and full of places to explores.

In a sense, I have found it hard when it comes to living out of a suitcase- I am definitely someone who needs all of her stuff around her! And its been challenging living with boys who sleep, talk, eat and breathe FIFA and rugby.

I am coming round to the idea of living in Belfast, although these 8 weeks haven't been easy, I am meeting new people every day and hopefully my dream career is just around the corner.

My next post will be coming from the shire and I cannot wait!

Que mama's delicious roast....

Here are a few photos of my time in Norn Iron so far....

Thursday, 6 October 2011

MK&A Olsen

Words cannot describe how much I love the Olsen twins.
They have been my style icons since I was 13 years old and I have no problem telling them apart.
Every since I started to watch them on 'Two of a Kind'- I was hooked!
I have followed their work for years and am inspired by their sense of eclectic style.
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are two of the most powerful women in the fashion industry and this is a post dedicated to my first style icons.
I hope you fellow Olsen addicts enjoy a few of my favourite photos.