Monday, 26 March 2012

GlossyBox Review

Today I will be reviewing the Awapuhi Wild Ginger Treatment Oil by Paul Mitchell and it has to be said guys, this is going to be another positive review as I really enjoyed using this unique hair care product.

I don’t really do a lot to my hair, in fact I am very boring when it comes to styling and looking after it. My routines are basic and usually I would see a treatment oil such as this one as an unnecessary inconvenience; I definitely couldn’t have been more wrong. 

This product, which is ultra-light and silky once applied, leaves your hair looking and smelling great. My hair was soft and ultra glossy after using it and I could smell the ginger essence all day. Initially I was worried it would make my hair look and feel greasy but after using a small amount of the serum, it actually did wonders for my usually boring barnet. I think it is important to use a small amount of this product though, as with so many serums if you use too much you will be left with dull, lifeless looking hair.  

Awapuhi is a product renowned for it’s nurturing properties when it comes to taking care of your skin and hair, needless to say my hair felt thicker and healthier after having used it for just two weeks. 

Paul Mitchell's story is most certainly an interesting one.... 

In 1983, Paul began the search for a lifestyle driven by the benefits of nature and subsequently he established his very own solar-powered Awapuhi Farm in Hawaii. All of the products containing Awapuhi sold by Paul Mitchell today are still harvested in this very farm, including this treatment oil now belonging to little old me. I also really like the fact that all of Paul Mitchell's products are free from any kind of animal testing, it's enough to make me use a unique product that may cost a little extra time after time again.  

This wild ginger treatment oil is organic, unique and gives your hair a rich shine. I wouldn’t hesitate to try other products by Mr Mitchell and I think that the RRP of £25.95 is perfectly reasonable, given that you are paying for a product that nourishes and leaves your hair feeling fabulous. A bottle of this product will also go a long way, as I have pretty much the entire sample left even after using it for the past two weeks. 

I would give this product 5/5 as it moisturised my hair wonderfully and it smells amazing, plus I feel really lucky to be using a product that has been developed as the result of such hard work…

Everyone should try it!

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