Sunday, 2 January 2011


All in all it’s been a pretty amazing year and Christmas 2010 was no exception. I was spoilt rotten! My lovely boyfriend, who is currently in NYC and will never be forgiven for not taking me, bought my a Polaroid camera, Lauren Conrad's book 'Style' ( a must read by the way, I have already got ¾’s of the way through- although I appreciate it is mostly pictures) and my favourite present- the entire works of Shakespeare in a vintage little case. Love. it.
My parents spoilt me also with a big bottle of Miss Dior Cherie, a new camera, clothes, a collection of new pillows( my newest obsession by the way),  jewellery, make-up, pj's, underwear....the list is endless! I am a very lucky gal. My sister also bought me some Sarah Jessica Parker perfume a book on Audrey Hepburn and a book on Twiggy- her life in photo's which is also worth a look. This Christmas felt magical, my grandparents came to spend the day with us and we all sat down to watch Inception ( although not all of us understood it hey mother?!) 

2010 has seen me turn twenty one, move in with my best friends and then move home, graduate from University ( with a 2:1 wooo), have three different jobs and perhaps most importantly, discover my love for Sex and the City - watching it every day since. This time last year my friends and I were seeing the new year in in Paris- an eventful yet magical trip that saw us trekking the entire length of Paris, partly because we got lost and partly because we wanted to see as much of the city as possible!  
Unfortunately although I wish I wasn’t, I am the sort of person who makes New Years resolutions and then breaks them. However having said this, last year my resolution was to take more pictures…anyone who knows me will agree that I have definitely achieved this one. Last year I took over 3,000 photos and those are just the ones uploaded on facebook! This year my resolution is to pass my driving test and to save up for a car. Even if this doesn’t happen until next December, I think I have set myself a reasonable and achievable goal. I have started saving, and for anyone who knows me once again, this is also quite an achievement!

HOWEVER before I reside myself to an ‘exciting’ year of saving, saving and more saving, I have managed to find the time to purchase a few things in the January sales....naturally...

I have FINALLY found my fur coat! This beauty was a chance find that I discovered whilst taking a trip to Debenhams during my lunch hour. It is Red Herring, size 8 and was reduced from £70 to £50. Although I am slightly unconvinced about the gems on the front of the coat ( these cant be seen in the photo above), I plan to do a bit of DIY, replacing them with some tanned vintage buttons. When I find the time of course! I love that I can wear this coat dressed up with heels and my satchel or I can wear it to work with a pair of skinnies and brogues. It is very versatile- money well spent.


You may recognise these beauties from my MUST HAVE list a few weeks ago.Working with shoes everyday, I have plenty of time to plan what ones I want and when I am going to buy them. I have wanted a pair of loafers for a while now, so you can imagine my joy when these went down to just £25 from £50 in Topshop. Bargain! They look great with leggings, skinny jeans and pretty dresses. Being real leather, they are a lot harder than normal shoes and are taking quite a lot of time to wear in, however I am sure you would agree that they are worth the pain!
I have always loved a good pair of brogues, and last Christmas my Gran bought me a pair from office for £65. I have worn these shoes and had them re-heeled more times than I could possibly keep track of. Having found a style, shape and type of shoe that I am comfortable with, I have since bought a million pair of brogues as I now know I will get my moneys worth out of them. These brogues were an unplanned purchase, however my justification comes from the fact that my tanned brogues are beginning to wear out, sob =(. Also Topshop were kind enough to give each employee who worked on boxing day a £20 gift card and because these shoes were in the sale at £30, I only paid £10 for them. Absolute bargain! I am also lucky enough to be a size 3, a size that always seems to be available in the sales.
This was my NYE - eve dress costing just £25 from Topshop, size 8. I didn’t go out on NYE this year, instead I opted for a quiet night in with my parents. We started off the evening going out for dinner at Tiger Bills and then in true new year tradition after returning home, my mum made us walk out the back door and in the front (supposedly this way you are literally going out with the old and in with the new..). Lovely. My best friend and I went for cocktails the night before. Goodness knows how many Port lemonades and Vodka Cranberries were consumed- needless to say a diet coke was needed the morning after! Gooood times. I also plan to wear this dress seeing my boyfriend and best friend in the South East of the country at the end of January.

To accompany a new dress a girl needs a new clutch bag correct? Well I have had my eye on this beauty for quite some time and when it went down to just £12 instead of £20 at Topshop- I had to have it. Enough said.

Last but not least, I recently bought this jumper from Topshop ( no surprise there then) for £45. I was very lucky as I found the jumper in the Buy it Now section in my size. A very 70's styled piece, this jumper looks great with leggings jeans and skirts. Be warned however- the wool makes your hair very static. Not a good look.

hmmmm Anyone else notice that all my clothes are the same shade?!

Happy new year to you all! Get buying in those sales...a whole world of splendor awaits!

Lauryn :)

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