Tuesday, 30 August 2011

nail file

A fashion accessory with a difference, nail art is a craze that is becoming bigger than ever.

Get creative and explore difference colours, patterns and looks to give your nails a personality of their own. 

Perhaps if you are someone who doesn’t do jewellery, than making the most of your nails could be your new accessory.

Personally, I am pretty boring when it comes to my nails and I often paint them red, black or electric blue – the usual. However I feel it is time to make the most of my nail varnish collection, which is growing bigger by the day!

When it comes to trying new patterns, why not try Minx- a solid nail coating that is available in a number of different shades and looks. 

Minx is easy to use, creates no mess and lasts for much longer than ordinary nail varnish.

I have used it myself on my toe nails, I actually had it done by a friend who was great at it! It lasted for a week or so and looked great.  

Celebrities such as Beyonce and Lady Gaga are just a few who use Minx to make the most of their nails. 

Here are a few Minx looks I have found on google:

If you do decide to buy Minx, look on ebay as it is much more cheaper. 


If you wish to paint your nails but struggle with creating a specific look, why not visit you tube and check out a tutorial.  

'Galaxy Nails' is a fantastic look that looks tricky but is actual very easy to achieve...

If you want to create this look (below) check out an online tutorial.


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