Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Ombre hair

Although I have only recently become aware of this fashion trend, thank you best friend, I think this is something that is really quite contagious. Ombre hair, seen sported by the likes of Alexa Chung and Fern Cotton, is a graduation of hair colour from light to dark or dark to light. Not to be confused with bad roots of course, Ombre hair is something that is very popular at the moment. Personally I am a massive fan and I think that it compliments the heritage and tapered trends of the moment, although perhaps a style more suited to the summer months. I am always looking for exciting new ways to change my look, I get restless exceptionally quickly, and Ombre hair is subtle yet effective.  Although in the winter I prefer my hair to be dark and rich, Ombre hair is definitely something I will be baring in mind for summer as a slight change to your look does wonders.
A plus for Ombre hair, it doesn’t matter what length your hair may be. This style suits all sorts of cuts whether you have a graduated bob or long luscious locks. It looks great on everyone and will definitely give you that all important ‘edge’.  One thing I would say, drawing upon lots of previous experience, make sure you get your hair dyed professionally or else it will be very costly and trust me, it could go HIDEOUSLY wrong.  

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