Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Confessions of a nail polish addict...

In terms of DIY there is one task that I can get on board with. Painting my nails. In fact, I think it’s become somewhat of an obsession….
Although a minimal part of any outfit, I would suggest that your nails are given as much attention as your hair and your teeth. With nail polish, you can be as creative, as mad, as excentric as you please, as it is just a small part of your look that counts for a lot.
Recently I heard a ridiculous comment made in the press regarding nail polish. It was mentioned that you can tell a successful and busy women from the condition of her nail polish. If it is chipped she is busy, successful and ‘on trend’ and if it is maintained and tidy, so to speak, she has quite simply nothing better to do with her time. In essence I suppose I can understand this however I think if you lead a busy life, which I have once been known to do, there is nothing more relaxing or fulfilling then spending some time pampering. Painting my nails, I am fully aware how shallow and superficial this is by the way, makes me feel tranquil and re-energized.
Every Saturday when my parents and I go in to Exeter for the usual bucket of coffee and window shop, it is imperative that I purchase at least one Barry M nail polish in a new, sought after shade. This weekend the shop assistant in Superdrug actually gasped with shock (or perhaps horror) when my mum asked me which shade of polish I DIDN’T have. I rest my case. My name is Lauryn Mann and I am a nail polish addict….
Some of my recent purchases include the shades mushroom, grey, mauve and silver. I think silver is fairly ‘out there’ but to me, that is what fashion is all about. When it comes to the colour of your nail polish, no matter how reserved you are with your clothing, you are as free to be as expressive as you wish. I also love emerald and indigo, both of which brighten up any outfit and stand out from the crowd. 
The basic must have nail polish colours include:
Black: sophisticated and professional
Electric Blue: exciting and edgy
Red: feminine and striking
So get painting!

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