Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Pay Day

I'm sure for many of us payday has just passed, signally an almost immediate trip to the high street and I don't know about you but I always have my next outfit in my mind's eye. After a recent trip to beautiful Canterbury in Kent, I resisted all sorts of splendor on the high street. Topshop in particular had an array of treasures. Oversized granddad jumpers, a floral cropped shrug and long sleeve silk blouses were amongst the few things I cast a wishful eye upon. (Last month's spending spree didn't leave much to the imagination, still an aviator jacket and a lightening bolt tee now take pride place in my bursting wardrobe).
The leather satchelWhilst in Canterbury I purchased perhaps one of the best buy's I've come across in a long time. A real leather satchel that, I've since found for £70 on eBay, cost a mere £20. A stunning buy that really smartens up any outfit, I would thoroughly recommend everyone rush out and buy one of these striking satchels for the winter months. I came across this sexy accessory at Courtyard Bazaar- a vintage market in Canterbury High Street. When I asked the lady selling all the bits and pieces where the bag was from, she simply replied, 'The 80's darling' which made me all the more sure I had to have it......

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