Thursday, 25 November 2010


Like most ladies, I don't tend to wake up looking the way I do(ha!)- its all down to at least 14 items and a combination of hair products, moisturising creams and drinking buckets of water. That said, I have decided to put together a break down of my most used make-up products, some more expensive then others and some that I have been using for years.

1. Smokin' Eyes Compact by Benefit. I bought this compact a year ago and I am still using it every day. The compact comes with 'instructions', so to speak, detailing exactly how to achieve that smokey eye look- a look I am still envious off when I see it being done well. The compact comes with an eyeliner, an eyebrow/eye shadow brush and the best tweezers I have ever used ( really expensive to buy on their own). Smokin' eyes is really a very easy look to achieve with this pact.It comes with three eye shadow colours-dark grey, black and  pink which looks really effective under the brow. I also use this pact to fill in my eyebrows as it comes with a brown shade perfect for grooming eye brows. It cost £27- good value for money. 

2. Midnight Blue Bourjois- a great little addition to your make up bag- I have had this product for at least a year. It is fantastic for making your eyes stand out and giving definition. I think it was roughly £5.

3. Dandelion Benefit Blusher. This is a classic ballerina powder that is perfect for pale skin. To be honest this is a few shades to light for my skin and I prefer Benefits Coralista Blusher, which I have used before and found it be a better match for my skin tone. This blusher cost £23.50 and undoubtedly gives your skin a pretty pink glow.

4. This clinique lipgloss was a freebie from Elle magazine about a month ago. I told all my friends about this amazing bargain- and once this one runs out I wont hesitate to actually pay for another. That's some good advertising ploy hey.

5. Realness of Consealness from Benefit was a purchase I made to treat myself as I was going to a party with good friends at Cafe de Paris in London. Although I don't use it as much recently, this 'mini fake it kit' is portable and handy. It also comes with three tubes of fake it goodies: ooh la lift instant under-eye brightening boost, lip plump primer for full, sexy lips and high beam complexion highlighter. Reasonably priced at £23.50

6. Clinique mascara- another fantastic freebie ( it seems clinique are very good at doing this). In early November when you traded in any old mascara Clinique gave you a free tester mascara. This mascara is fantastic and yet again, when the tester runs out I will be back for more- this time parting with cash.

7. My Virgin Vie foundation compact is the staple part of my make up bag. Needless to say if i were stranded on a desert island this would indeed be one of my key items. I have used Virgin Vie make up for as long as I can remember. Its affordable and feels 'silky' on your skin. Being addicted to Virgin Vie make up also means I get to attend lots of virgin vie partys as well...Result.

8. Beat the Blue's by Collection 2000 is a very similar product to Benefit's High Beam- only it costs a fraction of the price. I think I paid just £4 compared to £17.50 for Benefit's complexion enhancer.  

9.  Benetint Lip Balm SPF 15. A fantastic lip balm that is reasonably priced. Not only does it have SPF to protect your lips from the sun, it gives your lips a bright, vibrant rose-tinted edge. £13.50

10. Rimmel Eye Definer. My second must have desert island purchase. This is a brilliant eyeliner that defines your eyes and stays on all day. It cost a mere £4. On average I buy one every two months.

11. Another Collection 2000 purchase that I discovered in Look magazine when it was being compared to, once again, Benefits Benetint- a rose tinted lip and cheek stain. I believe you can still buy Pussy Cat lip and cheek tint and it costs about £4.

12. A christmas present last year, if you are a fan of glitter ( and lots of it!) this is the product for you! This is a Virgin Vie glitter stick and it really does brighten up your make up- be careful though as the wand is on a spring and does have a tendency to cover you in glitter! £ 12.99

13. Dior Eye shadow- consiting of a purple, gold and cream colours. Another freebie! Sometimes it pays to be cheeky ladies! I asked at the counter for a tester and the rest is Dior history....

14. Rimmel Liquid Eyeliner- probably a product most ladies have in their make up bag. Easy to use ( after a lot of practice!) and cheap. I think this cost me just £5 and I tend to buy a new one every 6 months....

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