Wednesday, 24 November 2010


One things for sure, this season Knitwear features heavily in all of the high street super powers. Whilst Knitwear would have once conjured up ideas of hideously tacky christmas sweaters and unflattering leggings from the 80's, this winter it couldn't be more stylish or contemporary. When it comes to wearing it right, keeping it simple is the trick. That said, mixing fabrics and textures can give you an original edge that will make others envious....
Layering is essential when it comes to achieving a successful winter look. A trend that was pretty big last year, be sure to be on stand-by with your big wooly scarfs, cosey snood's and plain tee's from HnM.
Personally, I have always loved Knitwear whether its been in or out of season. My Gran knitted me a timeless woollen cardigan when I was just 13- it still fits me now and I rediscover it each year when I begin to feel the cold. It looks great with skinny jeans and brogues, both of which are key in the heritage trend that keeps resurfacing. Wearing the cardigan with brogues gives it that chic, expensive look whilst wearing it with Uggs make's it look more comfortable and casual. Do not be afraid to rummage around in the back of your wardrobe, what's more charity shops and jumble sales can also prove incredibly worthwhile when it comes to discovering vintage, one of a kind Knitwear .
In terms of where you can find these treasures, I have actually managed to find a very similar one to the jumper my gran knitted me on for only £48 and trust me- you will wear it for years to come! It's great when you are feeling the cold in or outside. Take a look.
Primemark is also one of many places at the moment that has an array of cosey winter pieces. I have recently bought a few winter jumpers from their only for my friends, who claim to detest primark, to buy the exact same things themselves a few weeks later (you know who you are!).

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