Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Home Sweet Home

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I have been really rubbish with my blog lately as I've come back home for ten days and have been catching up with my friends and family.

This 'Home Sweet Home' post will act as my 'Sunday Scene' for last week and I promise to get better with posting soon!

Home: So as I mentioned I am in exeter at the moment and I've spent the last couple of days with my best friend Lissie which was great. We usually only see each other for a few hours as one of us has a bus/ train to catch, so it was nice to be able to have a girlie sleep over and just generally catch up.

We went out for dinner on Monday night which was nice, although we ended up going quite late as I was having my hair cut and when we eventually got our wasn't enough to fill a mouse! Disappointed in ASK:(

Yesterday we went to the cinema to see 'Friends with Benefits' which was surprisingly funny and entertaining- plus you got to see JT's bum which was a result! It also made me want to visit New York even more than I already did if thats even possible! Everyone should watch it just expect to see lots of sex, bums and constant banter between JT and Mila Kunis...

Also met up with some good friends in the evening and had yummy food at Nando's, it was strange as we all agreed it was like we had seen each other yesterday! I guess thats when you know you have true friends:)

Its so hard to see everyone in ten days though- I've got plans every night!

Blog: I  have been convinced to start videoing on youtube by a certain someone(lis)...I am terrified about doing it but at the same time it could help put bracelets and bangles on the map.

Here is my channel braceletsbangles28

If you want to know what sort of thing I am talking about, check out Fleur De Force's youtube channel which is just fabulous. She is confident and has new material all the time. I think it takes a lot of time and dedicated to have a full time channel on youtube, as well as a blog- so respect to her!

I will be playing around, editing and coming up with ideas over the next week or so, watch this space!

I've actually set up my own channel on youtube, so now its just about me having the courage to actually put something together!

Belfast: Its great being back home, I have settled back in right away but I am actually missing Andrew a lot more than I thought I would!

As I mentioned I am constantly applying to jobs in Belfast- its just a case of finding something now.

I am still writing for Inside Ireland i.e each day, although I have been a little slack lately. I have also got a few articles I need to write for The Publicity Loft  -a fantastic boutique agency that I have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to write for.

I have got a few other posts I intend to put up in the next couple of days, including a few snaps shots as well as my designer lounge post...

thanks for reading!

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