Sunday, 2 October 2011

sunday scene 4

Work: Well I've had a much better week. I've been able to work from the office for the most part of the week and bracelets and bangles is finally connected up to Inside Ireland i.e.! It's only a link for now but who knows what will happen:)

As I said in my previous post I've also started tweeting! Hopefully it will bring more traffic through my blog and will allow me to make a few more contacts. 

I've also spent a lot of time this week perfecting my blog and coming up with new ideas.... My lovely little sister made the Bracelets and Bangles banner so a massive thank you to her:)

Spare Time: Yet again I've had a week filled with lots of yoga! Had a lovely dinner with Mickey's family on Thursday as his mama was celebrating a job promotion. Italian is my favourite and it was LUSH! Gutted though as I double booked Belfast Fashion Week with going home- I had tickets and everything!:(

I spent yesterday evening with Mickey and his friend Ben at the greyhound racing. If you haven't been before I would totally recommend going- it was seriously addictive and I ending up spending £30! Mickey ended up winning £15- luck of the Irish as usual. 

Shopping: Did a bit of shopping today in Belfast City Centre and came across a little shop called 'Liberty Blue'. Although I have visited before, I forget just how quirky and unique it was. I plan to work on a little write up for the shop tomorrow, so once completed I will add the link to my blog. 

Liberty Blue Pictures:

stunning 1920's flapper inspired dress

Andrew in a chair

vintage belts

cute jumper

Stunning I hope you'll agree. The shop assistant was lovely and so enthusiastic when I told her the photos were for an article and for my blog.... 

Shopping: I am trying to save the pennies and not spend money on clothes at the moment (a little dull considering this is a fashion blog). That's not to say I don't have a 'wish list'...check out my latest loves on the high street. 
£30 River Island 

£48 Topshop
Topshop £28

My next sunday post will be coming from the shire- I can't wait!

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