Monday, 20 February 2012

GlossyBox Review

Good afternoon to you all:) As I pointed out in yesterday's post, 'the editorial calendar' on Monday's I will be posting my GlossyBox Reviews. Whilst writing this review I have actually just received February's Glossybox (admittedly I am quite behind with my reviews!) and unfortunately it is a little disappointing. There are actually a lot of disappointed GlossyBox subscribers on twitter currently voicing their concerns about the products in this months box, but anyway back to today's review....  

The product in question today is the Weleda One Step Cleanser & Toner 
pictured below.

I was really pleased with this product on the whole, I only wish we were given a bigger sample as it went really quickly! The packaging, as you can see is slightly clinical which was a tad disturbing and the liquid itself actually looked like liquid penicillin! After looking on the website however they said it was a 'milky' product which is probably a better way of describing it! Although I don't tend to use too many different products on my skin as it is really sensitive, this product really made my skin feel fresh and clean at the end of an evening. As shocking as this may sound to all you skincare buffs out there, I don't actually use a cleanser or a toner. Instead I stick to a simple combination of Nivea oil free moisturiser and Nivea wet wipes for combination skin (boring I know!) But after trying this product I think I would consider buying it in full size and making it part of my daily skin- care routine. Usually using something new on my skin would bring me out in a rash but this product was gentle and it's deep cleansing action make my skin glow after just a few days. If you are someone who suffers with problem skin then I really do recommend trying this product, as even after a week of using it my skin maintained its clarity and felt much more refreshed. Although I only received a sample size, I would definitely pay the RRP for the full sized product. It was actually really shocking to see how much of my make-up was left on my skin at the end of the night even after having removed it with a wet wipe.


As a company I really respect Weleda, as unlike other skin care company's they appear to have clear ethics and morals. They don't test any of there products on animals, they work with all kinds of associations including the Anthroposophic Health, Education and Social Care Movement and they work in harmony with nature, using nothing but natural ingredients. In terms of value for money I think that £9.95 for a 100ml product is very reasonable, especially considering how much effort has gone into making the product and the quality of the ingredients involved. It's also worth considering that for under £10 you get both a cleanser and a toner, which could save you money in the long run. In comparison to products such as Clinique's 'Rinse off Foaming Cleanser' which I have used before and didn't like at all, Weleda's product is far better and costs far less.  


I rate this product very highly and definitely wouldn't hesitate in giving it 5/5. I will use this product again... when I can afford to do so! There are a range of other products that Weleda have to off as well which may be worth checking out if you have already found your ideal cleanser and toner. You can shop by plant on their website as well which is a really refreshing idea, depending on the ingredients you favour the smell or effect of. Another good thing is that if you want to try out a product but perhaps begrudge paying the full amount for it in case you don't like it, you can buy a mini version of it first which costs about £2/3. I am really interested to try the product below as it is highly commended : 

Mini Almond Soothing Cleansing Lotion 10ml
  Thanks for reading! Overall fab product! 



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  2. the almond cleansing lotion does look interesting!
    I have quite sensitive skin so finding something that wont irritate it is a challenge!

    love the blog anyway



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