Sunday, 19 February 2012

the editorial calendar

Now that my 100-day challenge is over (phew) I think it is about time that bracelets & bangles was given a bit of a shake-up. You may remember me saying on Day 99 of my challenge that I intended to introduce an, 'editorial calendar' on here. In doing this I am hoping that I can bring about a sense of consistency and rhythm to my little space on the Internet. I have broken the week down (see below) so that when you check in on a certain day you will know exactly what to expect. I actually had a calendar for my blog before I started my challenge, but the challenge itself took up so much of my spare time that I didn't get a chance to write much else on here. That said, here is what a typical week on my blog will look like from now on...

Monday- GlossyBox Review

I will be reviewing an item from my GlossyBox on a Monday. Click here for my latest review.

Wednesday- Collage Post

On a Wednesday I will be making a collage of things I think you guys will appreciate. For example in terms of stats, a collage of 'my latest wants' always seem to do pretty well. In the past I have put together collages including 'this valentines day' or 'all for under £20' at Christmas time. If this is what you like to see on bracelets & bangles, then a Wednesday would be a good day to check in.

Saturday- OOTD Post

My outfit of the day post will fall on a Saturday. This is pretty self-explanatory. If you are new to my blog, an OOTD will look like this

Sunday- Weekly Write Up. 

I actually did this before I started my 100-day challenge, check it out here. On a Sunday I will be rounding up my week, whether that be in picture form or a brief review. 

 If there is anything else I wish to post about during the week then I will do so on a Tuesday, Thursday or Friday. I also tend to write film reviews from time to time, so if the opportunity arises I will fit this in where possible. 

I hope that my followers will appreciate a little bit more of a routine and structure on here. Personally I know that I like to follow blogs that have introduced such a calendar, it just helps to give your blog a stronger sense of personality and regularity. I hope you guys agree, let me know what you think!


  1. hey hun thanks for following. :) tried following back but i cant seem to find the follow button,how can i follow you? :)

  2. hi there:) you can follow bracelets & bangles on the top left hand corner of the screen. There is a follow button next to 'share' and 'report abuse' etc...

    thanks so much!

    lauryn:) xx


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