Sunday, 11 September 2011

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So I am keeping to my written word and posting on a Sunday, a day which would usually consist of very little.

Work: I have been very productive at work this week, getting lots written and published. I have been working from home which at first I found challenging, but now I have gotten myself into a strict routine, I have found I can be just as productive as when I work from the office. inside ireland i.e.

Spare time: My week mainly consisted of yoga and more yoga! I am aiming to do it three times a week as I am really feeling the benefits in terms of flexibility and also relaxation. I would thoroughly recommend it for those of you who find it hard to unwind or just want to test your core stability. The class makes me feel good from start to finish- I actually have a class this evening to round the week off nicely. flow yoga belfast

Yesterday I tried my hand at ice-skating, which went better than I had expected. It was the first time I had ever put a pair of ice skates on, so I think I really did well! I didn’t fall over once, ( if only the same can be said for Mickey!)
Looking around me I was frustrated by the fact that I was a learner, when there were 5 year old who looked like they were born wearing ice skates- they were completely fearless.

Yesterday evening Mickey and I went out for drinks with two of his lovely friends, laughed all night long and ended up in McDonalds, standard I guess. ( I would like to add here that I refrained from such impulsive eating). 

Shopping: I have had to curb my spending habits as my internship is unpaid- however I have still allowed myself the odd treat now and then.
Last week I purchased a beautiful royal blue blouse from h&m for only £14- in keeping with the jewel colours trend it will be definitely be a keeper for the winter. It also looks great with some orange feather earrings I found in prime mark, which gives it a more casual look.

I will be posting pictures up when I can manage to take a decent one- so don’t hold your breath!

Belfast: Missing home this week massively, miss being able to have lunch with my friends and being able to just go to the gym. I also miss my teenie tiny little room and meal times with my mama, papa and sis. Still I am making new friends over here every day and it is worth it just being with Mickey! 

No one ever said the road to vogue ran smoothly hey!

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