Wednesday, 11 January 2012

new wardrobe?

008. I haven't put a collage of pretty things together in a while and seeing as I am trying to delay packing for as long as possible, I thought today would be the ideal time to do so! Here are a selection of my latest wants and cravings, that the little devil on my shoulder is taunting me over. This year I have vowed to save as much money as possible, as I will be living at home and (hopefully) working full time with very little bills to pay. I realise how great of an opportunity this is to save lots of money and especially now that Andrew and I have discussed possibly doing some travelling in 2013. So this collage will serve as a constant reminder of all the things I want so badly, but will not allow myself to buy until I have saved a significant amount of money...this is going to take some serious will power but I must think of the bigger picture!

1. Quilt Drawstring Bag: Miss Selfridge £22. Handy and easy on the eye, this must have bag will give any outfit a touch of class and loveliness.
2. Aztec Print Body Con Dress:: Although I usually detest body con dresses as I don't believe they do anything for anyone, this one I can forgive as I am in love with the eye-catching print. Miss Selfridge £28
3. Presley Glitter Heel Platforms: These beauties are premium 70's delight in the sale costing just £50 from Topshop. Perfect for all of you glitter addicts, of which I am one! 
4. Tanned Vintage Box Bag: I absolutely love this bag from New look costing just £12.99. It's available in a variety of different colours and can be held as a clutch or by making use of the authentic gold strap. MUST HAVE!
5. Kate Moss by Mario Testino. If you are a fan of the great Kate Moss, then this book needs to be given pride of place on your heavily fashion focused bookshelf. Although it's fairly pricey this is money well spent if you are a Moss addict, as you get to see Kate through the eyes of her friend and fashion photographer Mr Testino. The iconic photos are here as well as never before seen images of the pair. I found this copy at Urban Outfitters costing £44.99.
6. Peacock Feather Necklace: I absolutely love this delicate and quaint piece of jewellery. The more I see of Forever21 the more I fall in love with it. This delicate rope chain necklace features a faux peacock feather pendant framed with rhinestones and costs just £3.90.  
7. Beige Print Pony Skin Loafers: This is a print that isn't used enough. Yes it can be reminiscent of Shania Twain music videos and tacky 90's Spice Girl outfit's but I think when used in moderation the pony print can look rare and quirky. These shoes are from River Island and cost £40.
8. Silver Tone Cross Dangle Earrings: I know that Urban O and Forever21 do various different versions of these earrings, however for some reason these caught my eye. How great would they look teamed with the Aztec Print Dress?!... No I must resist! These are from River Island and will set you back just £3.


  1. love your picks! especially the ear rings :)

    chlo @chlowitty blogs
    having a small giveaway too!

  2. aww thanks! i am actually reading your blog as we speak! ill have a look at the giveaway xx

  3. pretty much want everything here! xoxo

  4. me too! saving is killing me..! xx


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