Friday, 6 January 2012

Day 65

Friday is here at long last. I am finally getting over my evil cold, except now I think my boyfriend has caught it! This is sadly my last week in Belfast so I am trying to get lots planned, it's going to
be so weird moving back home and being apart from Andrew.
However we have some exciting plans for 2013- so the saving must begin!
Tonight we are off to see The Iron Lady and although I have heard mixed reviews about it, I am eager to make up my own mind. I will let you know what I think, more than anything I am looking forward to seeing how fashion comes into Thatcher's story, after all behind every great women is an even greater wardrobe...

Enjoy day 65 of my 100 day challenge...

Tiffany Green Scarf: Market Stall £4
Denim Shorts: Topshop £30
Antique Floral Blouse: Primark £8
Wicker Bag: Primark £12
Silver Cuff: Forever21 £4
                                                                       bracelets & bangles

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