Friday, 20 January 2012

Day 79

It's finally the weekend! Although I am not working at the moment, this week has gone really fast! I've stuck to my guns and have gone to the gym four times this week after eating pretty much whatever I wanted in Belfast, it's time to start repairing some of the damage! I am looking to make a few changes to my blog over the weekend, as I am hoping to start putting together a giveaway section as well as a review section..wish me luck!

Enjoy day 79 of my 100 day outfit challenge, thank you for all of the hugely supportive comments...keep them coming!
Firstly apologies for the blurry photo! I have no idea what happened here...
Leather Shorts: eBay £10 ( There are some on
eBay now but for £28..follow the link to find out more)
Wool Cardigan: Hand Knitted by my lovely gran:)
Heart Patterned Tights: Primark £4
Cream Blouse: Primark £12
Black Belt: Also Primark £4
Dirty Gold Earrings: Primark £3
Peachy Pink Lipstick: Barry M £4.49


  1. your cardigan is lovely!! :) p.s thankyou for the awarddd sweetie xo

  2. Such a great outfit. I love the mix of leather and wool, and very jealous that your gran knitted that cardigan.. it's so cute xx

  3. thanks guys! i am glad you both like...your welcome georgia! xxxxx

  4. Such a gorgeous outfit! Just found your blog and I love the layout, means I can see your amazing style easily! x

  5. thank you!i have decided to change my blog back to the way it was before...the new format was confusing and i don't like change! lol xxxx


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