Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Day 77

Evening everyone:) Today I have spent the day helping a good friend out in her furniture painting studio- I am going to do a separate post on this in a bit as her pieces are amazing. How is everyone today? I cannot believe how fast this challenge is going now, although it's hard to get motivated sometimes I think I am going to really miss doing this when the 100 days are up! I will just have to think of a second challenge for myself then...

Anyway here are my photos for Day 77 of my 100 day outfit challenge. 

Blouse: Topshop £18
Nude Maxi Skirt: New Look £21.99
Glittery Belt: Forever21 £7
Charm Necklace: Muse £3
Silver Earrings: Forever 21 £3


  1. I love all your accessories! The necklace is so cute. x

  2. thank you! i am a jewellery addict..i have unhealthy amounts! keep reading xxx

  3. The glitter belt is amazing I need it! Great post:)


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