Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Glossy Box Reviews

Today I will be reviewing two of the products from my last GlossyBox. See it Here.


Okay, so where do I start when it comes to the Blink + Go Eyeshadow set.... I thought this product was fantastic when it comes to coverage and value for money. I always stick to the same old colours when doing my make-up however this palette offered a really pretty array of greens and greys which I was interested to try. The radiant colours on offer included brown, bronze, khaki, grey, silver grey and a cream highlighter. I tend to use a highlighter on my upper eyelid anyway, so I was pleased to see that this palette had one. The eye shadow's themselves were of a creamy texture, making them easy to apply. 
The product in question...Blink + Go Eyeshadow & Blush Palette
The highlighter which gave me great coverage and was easy to apply.
The bronze eyeshadow I applied underneath my eyes.
 I had never heard of the Blink + Go range before receiving this product in my GlossyBox but I definitely wouldn’t hesitate to try some of the other products they have to offer. When it came to enhancing my eyes, this product definitely did the job and the blusher's were just an added bonus. 
This set cost £14.95 which I think is a reasonable price to pay when you consider what you get for your money.
If you are a fan of false eyelashes, then I recommend checking out the Blink+ Go website as they have a vast number of different styles to offer. I don’t tend to use falsies myself, although I do like the finished look, I just find it’s such a massive fuss to put them on. Let me know if you have any handy tips!
*Overall I loved this product and I have decided to give it a 4/5 as it's fantastic value for money. The only negative thing I could mention is the packaging. I think if anything this could do with a little work as the make-up is such great quality that I think the packaging should reflect this, after all first impressions are everything.    


Another fantastic product which I rate highly. This product I would be inclined to say is one of the best shower gels I have used in a very long time. I was given the Eucalyptus & Rosemary in my GlossyBox and it smelt so so good! The sort of scent that stays on your skin all day which I like. 
When I buy a shower gel I am always attracted to the 'foamy' ones and this particular one has a unique 'gel to foam' formulae which instantly made me interested. A similar product on the market that I could liken this one to is Imperial Leather, which I think is usually quite expensive anyway. I think when it comes to comparing the two, you might as well spend a little more money on a luxurious, high end product that is good for your skin as apposed to spending a similar amount on a product which isn't as nice.
The Rituals shower gel costs £6.50 so I don't think it would be something I would buy on a regular basis, however thats not to say I can't treat myself every now and again:)
It has already lasted me for a while, considering I use it every day. I can't get enough!
I am really keen to try the following products as well: 

         These products can be found here

*This product is definitely more high end as I have mentioned, so I think I would give it a 4/5 as it wouldn't be something I could afford to buy all the time- although I wish I could! Also I would just like to say how generous I think it was of GlossyBox to include this product in last months beauty box, the bottle was full size not sample size and it's definitely my favourite product I have used so far. More products like this one please!

*Disclaimer: This review is based upon my own thoughts and findings 

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