Monday, 9 January 2012

Day 68

Afternoon everyone. I am spending the day looking after my boyfriend who is sick:( It's only 4 days until I move back home now and although I will miss Andrew, I am very much looking forward to catching up with old friends and continuing my job search. I have already applied for a few jobs and it's looking promising, so fingers crossed I won't be an unemployed graduate for much longer! In the meantime, I am keeping myself busy by blogging and watching ridiculous amounts of Harry Potter..

Enjoy day 68 of my 100 day outfit challenge- it is actually starting to fly by now!

Layered Blouse 70's inspired: Primark £12
Denim Shorts: Topshop £28
Headband: This was a Christmas pressie from my sister so I am unsure of the price.
However I do know that it is from Urban Outfitters. (I would usually
put a link here but the website is down at the moment for
some reason, so there wouldn't really be much point.)
Pearl Earrings: Primark £3
Tassel Bag: Primark £5 century's old
    bracelets & bangles


  1. abolsutly love the hair band it looks georgous :P xx

  2. thank you! and thanks for reading:) x

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