Monday, 16 April 2012

GlossyBox Review

Today I will be reviewing a second product from March’s Glossybox: Clarins' Extra-Firming Body Cream.

I have had nothing but good experiences with Clarins products over the years, and it has to be said, that this body cream was definitely no exception.

The RRP for this product online and in stores is £40, ensuring that this product sits comfortably at the high- end of the shelf. I wouldn’t pay this much for a brand that didn’t deliver great results, and with this luxurious body cream the negatives were few and far between. 
I haven’t been using this product every day as it advises you to, so it’s a little hard for me to judge on whether or not it successfully does what it says on the tin in terms of toning. However one thing I do know, is that this body cream made my skin feel healthier and softer in no time at all.

To be honest, I am not entirely sure if I even believe that a cream can firm and tone your skin, but I definitely was intrigued to find out and wanted to give it a try. The sample-size product lasted me for about 3 weeks and I got a lot of use out of it, using it on average every couple of days during this time.

Although I didn’t see any quick results when it came to toning, that’s not to say that this product doesn’t successfully work after using it for a significant amount of time and as instructed (there is a handy demo on the website, click here).
I would definitely be tempted to buy a full size bottle of this product as I am intrigued to find out whether or not continuous use would help to ‘tone, firm and comfort’ your skin. I've also read a few other reviews that have ensured me that with time, results become increasingly more apparent. 

In texture, the lotion was rich and velvety once applied. However it wasn’t the sort of product that soaked into your skin and you could feel that you had it on all day, which could put some people off.

I would confidently give this product a 3 out of 5. Although I can’t honestly say I noticed a significant difference when it came to toning or lifting, the product definitely made my skin feel hydrated and comforted. I really am impressed every time I use a Clarins product and I would certainly recommend this lotion as a fantastic moisturiser that with time, could possibly aid in lifting and toning. 

It's also worth mentioning that this product has won several awards, including Best Luxury Body Lotion at the Stylist Skincare Awards 2011 and Best Body Firming Potion courtesy of Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards 2011...The proof has got to be in the pudding ladies!


  1. I've never tried any Clarins products but I've always heard really good things about them, I need to try them :)
    I really like it how you've reviewed an item on it's own rather than the whole glossy box, I prefer to read more detailed reviews :)
    <3 Holz oxo

  2. Thank you! this is good to know..thanks for reading!xx


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