Sunday, 1 April 2012

sunday #6


This week has been a good one, what with all this unexpected sunshine and the fact that I had my first payday at my new job! This meant that I was finally able to book driving lessons, buy some new clothes and pay for a trip to Amsterdam with my friends in May. Next weekend I am finally seeing my boyfriend Andrew after 3 long months. It's taken ages to get here but we are both really eager to catch up and just be in each other's company again after so long apart. It's also our 4 year anniversary today (hence the card above) so it's celebrations all round. 

Other than that I have spent lots of time in the gym this week, as well as finding time to blog on the side. I have actually started putting outfits together for people on my blog and have been encouraged by some friends to set up my own personal shopper page- what do you all think to this? With a little more time to plan I think it's definitely something I would like to get stuck into, it's just finding the time I guess. Let me know if you think that this is a good idea or indeed if you or a friend need some inspiration for a birthday party, wedding or even just a casual night out on the town.

What else.... Oh I had a really yummy dinner with my girlfriends mid-week. A little heads up La Tasca are doing BOGOF on all of their tapas dishes at the moment. It's by far one of my favourite restaurants and me and my pals do tend to go there quite often, so as you can imagine this offer was like music to our ears!

On the job front things are going really well. My boss took us all out on Friday evening for a few drinks and needless to say, I was a little tipsy upon my return home 3 and a half hour’s later! 

Today I have made the most of this weather and have spent a lot of the day sunbathing with Vogue in the garden; if you ask me this is the perfect way to spend a Sunday. In the afternoon my family and I visited my auntie and uncle who live right by the seaside with their beautiful little dog, Arnie. It's the perfect place to relax and catch up with everyone, particularly on a beautiful day like today. 

Bring on Easter. I can’t wait to finally be able to eat chocolate after giving it up for Lent.

Much love.

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