Sunday, 15 April 2012

sunday #7

This week has definitely been eventful and it has felt much longer than a normal week for some reason, despite the fact that we have had a bank holiday. I am missing Andrew a lot after seeing him last weekend, but our friends are getting married (eeeee!) in Belfast next weekend so I will be seeing him again soon. This week I treated myself to a lunch box for work (see above) I couldn't resist this cute one from Urban Outfitters for just £7. I have also taken a trip to Matalan with mama, which I really recommend for holiday clothes, and have purchased these adorable floral espadrilles for only £6- I can't wait to start wearing them. Other than that I have had a therapeutic weekend tidying out my wardrobe and attempting to sort through all of my dresses (I have nearly 100!!). As usual I met my pals for dinner during the week and this time we went to Pizza Express, it was eventful as ever (!) All of my family and friends will be pleased to know that I am finally learning how to drive. Having a job and a regular income means I am financially able to do so at the moment, plus I just feel like the time is right. However I am determined to keep up all of the walking I do even when I can finally drive! 

I am also determined to start reading more like I used to, so I have borrowed 'The Help' from a good friend and I am really getting stuck in. I went out last night for what was going to be a few drinks and turned out to be a full on night out; one of my pals is leaving to study in Penzance for a few months :( I have had a yummy dinner and desert with my family today after going to the gym and helping my grandad write his autobiography! I am now planning on a nice catch up with my best friend and an evening in front of the box.  

It has been a great week and an even better weekend. I can't wait to see Andrew again and see my good friends walk down the aisle next weekend.. Good luck!!

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