Monday, 23 April 2012

GlossyBox Review

Today I will be reviewing the third product from March’s GlossyBoxMolton Brown’s Heavenly Gingerlily Moisturising Bath & Shower Gel.

It has to be said that this product was a firm favourite in our household and as a result the sample size didn’t last for very long! This is one of those rare products that actually does what it says on the tin- it’s heavenly in smell and helps to moisturise your skin wonderfully.

I could smell the ginger coming through when using this product and it also had a hint of floral tones to it, which after I stopped sneezing (!), were revitalising and refreshing. To get the best from this shower gel, I didn’t need to use an awful lot, as it quickly doubled in consistently. 

I haven’t had much experience with Molton Brown and the products they have to offer (I actually have a voucher for a facial that is over a year old that I am yet to use!) but after using this shower gel, I would definitely be interested to see what else they have in store and online. 

This product has a RRP of £18, which although may seem a little steep for a shower gel, is worth every penny. It actually reminded me a lot of the Rituals Shower Gel I received in December’s GlossyBox, as it was of a similar high quality, texture and both products smelt divine!

I would confidently give this shower gel 5/5. I loved everything about it and so did all of my family! It’s a high-end beauty product with lots to offer, plus it's rich in vitamin fruit extract, which leaves your skin feeling moisturised and healthy. Everyone should try it!

Here are a few other Molton Brown products I would like to try:

1. Imps Whisper Forte Candela: Molton Brown £55
2. Vitamin Lipsheer- Tinted Lip Balm Snapdragon: Molton Brown £11
3. Tamarind Fruit Refining Toner: Molton Brown £25
4. Reawakening Mer-rouge Hair Hydramasque: Molton Brown £23
5. Paradisiac Pink Pepperpod Bathing Milk: Molton Brown £25
6. Sleep- Cedrus Bathing Infusion: Molton Brown £23 


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