Sunday, 18 September 2011

snap shot 2

* well I have finally decided on some photos for this weeks snap shots. It's really hard to take a good picture when you are actually trying to pose and look good!! It definitely doesn't come naturally to me...anyway hope you like!
*I am wearing one of my favourite shirts in these pictures. I only bought it about a month ago but it appears to already be out of stock online. It is definitely worth keeping an eye on it though, as it may come back in or they may introduce it in another colour. This is a coffee silk crepe shirt and cost £40 from Topshop.
*my scarf is recently purchased from primemark and has zebra's on it! So cute! I think this is one of my favourite things I own and it only cost £4! This scarf is also available in lots of different patterns and styles.
*my chino's are from primemark and cost £12. They fitted me really well at first but since buying them they have become a little looser...I still love them though and they go with pretty much anything. The belt I added myself and it is also from primemark costing £2.
*my loafers are comfortable and so easy to wear. They were £50 from Topshop....once again they are no longer available to buy online, however I have linked you to a similar pair of tanned loafers.

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