Friday, 23 September 2011

friday feeling- BINTM

This week I will be reviewing Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model, as Jade and Juste go head to head in the final showdown….

I have been a follower of the show for many years and can honestly say I am yet to miss a single series of BNTM or ANTM.

The Miami Beach Shoot
I actually attended the BNTM official end of season party at Café de Paris in London a few years ago and I was in my element.

This series has been one of my favourites yet, as I think all of the girls have had potential.

I’m not a massive fan of Elle as a host or a model to be honest, but I think the chemistry between the judges this year, particularly Grace and Julien, has also been brilliant.

My favourite model from the beginning was Imogen, as she seemed really hungry for a career in editorial modelling. She also reminds me of Audrey Hepburn as she has captivating eyes and a simple, girl next -door look. I also really liked Jess, as she was such a caring and genuine girl. I don’t think either should have gone and I think a final between those two would have been really interesting, as both are fiercely competitive and deserving of the crown.

The Wedding Couture Shoott
Even so, now we are left with Jade, the beauty with an unusual complexion and Juste, the confident European with strong features. Out of the two of them I am gunning for Jade, as she seems much more humble and modest. I really believe her when she says she had no idea she would get this far. What’s more she keeps saying she wants to make her family proud, showing just how down to earth she is. 

Jade undeniably has the most striking, unique look out of all of the girls and I am constantly wowed over by the pictures she takes each week. It would appear that she is the only person who cannot see how good she is, as she often comes across as lacking confidence and self belief.... 
I cannot wait to see the final show down between the two girls. Last years live show was cringe in places, as it was ill-timed and perhaps lacked organisation. 
Lets hope this year things will look up!

Mr. Jay makes an appearance in the final episode to help the girls with their runway walks- this I cannot wait to see!
Catch the final on 26th September usual time, usual place.

Go Jade!! 

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