Monday, 26 September 2011

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Work: I worked from home all of last week and it wasn't too good for me. I think I just did so much work and didn't actually leave the house that it made me exhausted and ill. I have also had really bad flu this week as well which left me feeling miserable and energy-less. Still after lots of relaxation, good food and fresh air I am now feeling much better:)

Spare Time: I have done lots of yoga this week which really helped me to unwind and to get over my nasty flu. I attended a Vinyasa yoga work shop on Saturday which was so so so good! It did wonders for my mood and made me feeling healthy and rejuvenated. I would recommend everyone try Vinyasa yoga! You also burn the most calories doing this sort of yoga- now thats what I like to hear!

Mickey and I did a touch of babysitting on Saturday which was interesting. I didn't think I was a kiddy sort of person, anyone who knows me will know I am much more of an animal girl, but Mickey's cousin was adorable. Despite my concerns, I was the one who managed to calm him down when he cried where as Mickey, who I naturally assumed would have been good in that sort of situation, made him cry even more!

Shopping: Well amongst the things I have bought this week is my amazing new hat! Although its nowhere near cold enough to wear it yet, come the winter months I will be so pleased I bought this little gem.
Verdicts on the hat so far include, ' What have you done to your hair' and 'don't stand next to me when you are wearing THAT'- so far so good!

Hat: Topshop £22
I have also purchased some khaki tailored trousers from New look and a jumper from primark...the pictures will follow soon I promise! Everyone should look in New Look as they have some gorgeous gem clutch bags at the moment, its really going up in the world actually!

Belfast: I booked my flights home to Exeter yesterday and was shocked to see just how expensive air travel has become. £170 it cost me to get from Belfast to Exeter! CRAZY! I am thinking this has something to do with the fact that I have booked at really short notice......

I am really looking forward to going home, seeing my family and catching up with all my lovely friends.

There really is no place like it hey.

In Belfast me and mickey have started the house hunt, as we will need to be living in a place of our own from January. When it comes to taste we really are like chalk and cheese. Where as he likes anything modern and minimalistic, I love vintage pieces, clutter and eclectic furniture. He wants an apartment, where as I want our own house. Wish me luck as I think I've got a battle on my hands here!

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