Wednesday, 7 September 2011

change it up

I have decided that it time to revamp and revitalise my humble little blog.

I will be changing a few fundamental aspects of my blog and becoming more of a regular on the scene.

My main reasons for these changes are to establish more of a bloggers identity. I am hoping to go far with my little fashion blog and this in turn requires more dedication and creativity on my part. I am also hoping to connect my work up to Inside Ireland i.e. as I have already mentioned, so it therefore needs to have more of a clear- cut direction and link to my life. 

With that in mind, here is what I will be introducing.

*Sunday Scene: Every Sunday I will be doing a weekly round up. I will be sharing with my followers details of what I got up to in the week, how my blogging is going and how life in Ireland is taking shape. These posts, I am hoping, will become almost like a diary- in format and in style.

*Every Tuesday I will update my blog with what I think are the latest trends, key pieces, looks in the Designer Lounge. 

*Each week I will upload a new photograph of myself wearing a new item of clothing, sporting a new look or just being creative with old clothes. This will take on a self- portrait format and is called: Snap Shot

*Finally I will include a review of a different item each week on my blog. The review will be published every Friday. This review can be about anything, whether it be a piece of jewellery, an item of clothing, a film, a place or even a new hairstyle I've tried. The reviews can be found under the heading, Friday Feeling. 

So watch this space and I hope that you all like the new ‘BraceletsandBangles’. 

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