Wednesday, 28 September 2011

kate to appear on vogue?

If rumors are true and the new Mrs Wills is set to appear on the cover of US Vogue, I couldn't think of a better person to front the fashion bible.

The Duchess steps out looking radiant
A figure of elegance and beauty, The Duchess of Cambridge oozes sophistication and is a style icon to so many. This, coupled with the fact that the public adore her, makes her the perfect candidate for Vogue....

Despite this, it has been said that Kate is not keen, as she doesn't want to be a 'clothes horse' and wishes to be known for much more than her sense of style.

The moment she stepped out wearing a Sarah Burton dress on her wedding day, Kate was going to be targeted as a fashion icon. People are naturally drawn towards her as a direct result of this. 
Diana appeared on UK Vogue posthumously in 1997
Infamously The Princess of Wales appeared on the cover of UK Vogue 4 times- looking beautiful as ever. 
Could Kate be following in these fashion footprints? 

The Duchesses' wedding dress alone attracted more than 354,000 visitors when it was displayed at the Palace from 23rd July- present. Obviously the British public have a keen interest in Kate's fashion and now so do the Americans. 

Anna Wintour is desperate to get the future queen on the cover and lets face it, this is a women who usually gets what she wants.

A spokesperson from the Palace has reportedly said, "There are no plans for the Duchess to do anything with U.S. Vogue".

Kate is said to be focusing on her Charity work and tutorials on public appearances.

Preferably I would love to see Kate appear on British Vogue, even if it isn't to promote her fashion and sense of style, but to display her natural beauty and kindness to those who need it most.... Hopefully she will see sense soon!

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