Sunday, 18 September 2011

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Work: I have had a good week this week, managed to get a lot done work wise and have been able to do a lot of yoga as well which is really good for me. Am really enjoying my classes and am finding that in terms of my flexibility, they are working wonders. I also feel like I am getting more toned which is always a good thing! I am hoping to get my blog connected up to the Inside Ireland i.e website next week, I know I keep saying this but hopefully this will be the week it happens! 

Spare Time: Had dinner with some friends early on in the week, which was nice. We went to Tony Roma's- an all american cuisine restaurant. For my review check it out on Inside Irelands i.e website. Tony Roma's Review It was nice to have some female company, as living in a house full of men definitely takes its toll! 

Shopping: Had a stressful day yesterday so ended up spending a small fortune in town, mostly in prime mark! They have so much nice stuff at the moment and although its gotten more expensive, it is definitely still the best place on the high street to shop in terms of value for money.

Check out the shoes I bought. Although I wouldn't usually buy two pairs, when I moved to Northern Ireland I think I under estimated just how miserable the weather is! The pair on the left cost £14 and the pair on the right cost only £15....two pairs of shoes for under £30- bargain!
perfect for the cold months
Mickey and I went to watch the rugby on Friday evening which was nice, I was lucky enough to acquire free tickets from a certain lovely someone at work and I'm not one to pass up a freebie!  

Had a quiet Saturday evening in which was nice, special crisps and wine were plentiful thats to say!

My family are in cardiff at the moment living the dream, so I keep receiving regular up dates of what they are eating, buying, seeing etc. Im not there and I'm still being spoilt, presents from urban outfitters? Wont say no to that!

Belfast: One of my best friends has booked her flight to come over and visit me in October for Halloween. A little bit of home- which is exactly what I think I need right now. She has never been to Belfast either so I think it will be an eye opener! Although she will only be with us for two days, we are hoping to fit a lot of catching up, shopping, sight seeing and drinking in! 

LFW: London Fashion Week has been a big part of my week this week so it needs another mention. The eagerly anticipated event kicked off on Friday and Boris Johnson officially declared it open, saying he was passionate about fashion and wants London to be the fashion capital of the world.

I have been keeping up to date with the highlights through LFWTV as I mentioned a few days ago. Innovative, dynamic and diverse as ever, LFW has presented some rather exciting trends for Spring Summer 2012 (SS12).

In terms of favourites, I particularly liked Westwood's Red Label collection. As always her range was exciting, vibrant and bold. Westwood's collection played with the idea of femininity V's masculinity, as she showcased a number of luxurious suit's and shirts. This was juxtaposed with bright prints, low necklines and vibrant makeup and head pieces. LOVED IT.   

From what I have seen, we can expect to see lots of luxurious fabrics, lace, black and white, dramatic high neck lines and bold colours for SS12. 

Further-more if Julien MacDonald's SS12 collection is anything to go by, expect to see lots of metallic, gold and black sequins and sheer fabrics on the high street. I cannot wait!!

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