Thursday, 1 December 2011

Day 29

Happy December 1st everyone! So now I think it makes sense to start feeling Christmassy and to begin the good old Christmas shopping- any earlier than this and it's just crazy! I cannot believe where November went to be honest. I think because I have done so much over time at work, I just didn't get a chance to sit down and relax! I don't really know what day it is most of the time, just day 28 or day 27! Still I am really enjoying taking part in this challenge and although I am beginning to think this is much harder than I had initially thought, it's great to hear that people are reading and appreciating my little blog:) I have also just realised that I have reached 50 followers..pretty happy about this!

Keep reading people and enjoy!

Yet enough outfit sponsored by Primark, I am starting to feel a little self conscious about this actually! Oh well it's pay day tomorrow, maybe I could treat myself to something besides a Primark top hey!?
Top: Primark £12..perfect for the summer but I love it so much I cannot stop wearing it in the winter! I love the little bird and heart pattern, very cute indeed.
Shorts: Primark £14
Earrings: Absolutely love these babies, they cost £10 Topshop
bracelets & bangles

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