Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Day 35

Morning everyone! So I have had a very productive day thus far; been for a run, made a stew and completed day 35 of my 100 day challenge! I didn't go and see 'My Week with Marilyn' last night, we instead rented 'The Hangover Part 2' which was absolutely hilarious- if you were a fan of the first movie you will love this one! Oh and one more thing, for those of you who have a subscription to beautiful is the January issue? Florence Welch is on the cover and she looks stunning!

This wife beater-esque tee I purchased from UO in the summer and it cost about £12 in the sale! 
Little Parrot £2!
I have teamed this tee with my suede emerald green shorts from Primark that cost me £14
My belt is vintage and was in fact my lovely Granny's :)
Full Outfit
bracelets & bangles


  1. Oooh love your t-shirt! and i want to go see My Week with Marilyn! Let me know if it's any good if you do go to see it :) I haven't seen any of the Hangover's either but i think i need to!

    Love your new blog header!
    Stacie xo

  2. Love the shorts, they look like some i saw in miss selfridge so was suprised to see they're from primark! I'm going to watch the Hangover 2 again tonight, i thought it was hilarious the 1st time i watched it so looking forward to seeing it again :)

    Georgie <3

  3. thank you both very much! am glad you like..

    i buy a lot of my clothes in primark..i find if you hunt around long enough you will end up finding that one worthwhile thing!

    thank you both for reading!


  4. p.s 'my week with marilyn' was okay...i wouldn't go and see it again but it was a 'nice' film...will be reviewing it tomorrow evening:) xxx

  5. I really want to see my week with Marilyn, even though I haven't heard great things. Lovely outfit as per- can't believe you've reached day 35, over a third of the way through! v impressive xx


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