Friday, 9 December 2011

Day 37

So when I started writing this I was convinced it was 'Day 39' only to realise that I am only on 'Day 37' of my challenge..I have lost two days now people! Hope everyone is okay this morning, I am just sitting down with a cuppa tea and a bowl of special k to start the day. It has just started snowing, which although it is pretty, I am wishing away as fast as it came. I desperately want to be able to fly home in 6 days!

Have a nice day everyone:)
So I love this jumper so much that I decided to feature it for a second time, straight after the first time!
I have layered it with my floral print peter pan dress from Topshop and
it's the perfect outfit for a shopping trip or casual lunch with friends.
It's comfortable and most importantly warm.
Grandad Jumper: Primark £14
Peter Pan Dress: Topshop £18 (sale)
I am wearing one of my favourites stones as I have mentioned before.
This necklace I got for my 21st birthday and I already
had these earrings which coincidently match perfectly. 
                                                                     bracelets & bangles


  1. such a nice jumper and i love how you have styled it with the peter pan collar peeking out the top :)

  2. hehehe you're funny! :) cute style


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