Saturday, 24 December 2011

Day 52

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! My boyfriend has arrived safely and we are sat drinking mulled wine and wrapping the last of the presents- so excited about tomorrow! I will be posting my outfit in the morning before we pop over to my Gran and Grandad's for Christmas lunch and more present devouring.

Enjoy day 52 of my challenge:)

My sheer black dress with a diamante collar is from Topshop and cost just £3!!
 It has a really noticeable tear on the chest which is why it was so cheap.
 However I do intend to get it fixed or
who knows depending on how creative I am feeling I
may even attempt to fix it myself!
In the mean time I tend to wear my hair down
when I wear this dress to try and
disguise the tear, I realise I am not doing a very
good job in this picture though!
                                                                      bracelets & bangles

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