Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Day 48

Evening fellow bloggers and readers. I have had a crazy couple of days catching up with friends and travelling around. I caught up with a friend in London yesterday and we both had such a great time, it was just very tiring travelling up and back in one day. We shopped for about 6 hours straight so it certainly wasn't a shopping trip for the faint hearted! I have so many pretty things to post when I get a chance, I think it's safe to say that Forever 21 was well and truly raided!

Enjoy day 48 of my 100 day challenge.....

This peachy coloured blouse is one of the many
things I bought in Forever 21 yesterday. I was immediately drawn to
it as it's such a feminine, delicate colour and it cost just £14!
I have also layered this blouse with a lace strappy top as it's quite
see through and I think it actually looks quite pretty!
My pink glittery belt is also from Forever 21 and cost just £3.
Silver Earrings: Forever 21£3.90
                                                                    bracelets & bangles


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