Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Little bracelets & bangles has been awarded the versatile blogger award and I am so pleased! Alannah, proud owner of twaddle and tomfoolery, voted for myself along with two others blogs to win this award. I genuinely never expected anyone to be reading so thanks very much!! I hope that Alannah continues to blog as I will be reading as always:)

Now I must adhere to the rules....
1. thank the person that awarded you and link back to their blog
2. share seven facts about yourself
3.send the award to three bloggers that you appreciate and let them know you've awarded them.
Seven Random Facts about meeee
1. I have a degree in English and American Literature and after graduating nearly two years ago, I still have terrible trouble spelling.
2. I am an animal lover who donates money to the RSPCA every month even when I have none myself
3. I really enjoy meeting new people and making new friends
4. I have two tattoos and am currently looking into a third
5. My favourite place I have ever visited is Paris but my ultimate dream is to go to NYC, preferably for NYE
6. I am strong willed, argumentative and always stand my ground even when I am wrong
7. I am one of those really irritating people who is addicted to F.R.I.E.N.D.S and knows it word for word
The three blogs that I am loving at the moment and that I think deserve this award are: 

1.Bows & Belles because Kirsty's outfits are always intriguing and she has a really entertaining writing style, you can really sense her personality coming through. 

2.  Melita Kiely as she is always coming up with creative, interesting posts that are relatable. 

3.  Finally Overly Selected by Yasmin as I really enjoy checking out her latest outfit posts...plus she is always giving me positive feedback which I really appreciate! 

Keep Blogging Ladies!

bracelets & bangles


  1. Thank you so much lovely :) p.s. I'm a friends addict too, watching it right now even lol! x

  2. haha its perfect for background noise don't you think?! your very welcome! lovely blog:)

    lauryn xx

  3. Lauryn, thank you so much :) very sweet of you. i will be sure to give you a big shout out and thank you in my next post (tmro or fri, uni's killing me!) x

    ps. i thought twilight was amazing too, a hundred times better than the first two, even got my boyfriend to like it a bit!

  4. Haha my boyfriend came with me as well! Secretly loved it!

    Your very welcome...your blog definitely deserves it!
    Lauryn xxxx


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