Thursday, 3 November 2011

Day 1

Having lots of free time on my hands I have decided to take part in the 100 day's photo challenge.

Every day for the next 100 days I will take a snapshot of my outfit and post on here, it's going to take some serious staying power.. so wish me luck!

Here goes for my first set of snapshots as part of this challenge..



Knitted Cardigan: Topshop (it was mama's and she bought it about 25 years ago!)
Stripy T-shirt- Primark £4
 Khaki Chino's: New Look- I paid £22.99 but they are now in the sale for £12.99!
Vintage scarf - Bang Boutique Belfast £5
Draw String Bag- Urban Outfitters Mid season sale £10
                                                             bracelets & bangles


  1. Eek good luck with the challenge, 100 days is a looong time!! Love the outfit, the cardigan is gorgeous, funny how fashion comes full circle so quickly, it looks like you could've bought it in Topshop yesterday!x

  2. thanks! i feel its going to be tough!! wish me luck...

    thank you very mum is embarrassed when i wear it because she knows how old it is:)

    thanks for stopping by:)

    Lauryn x


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