Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Day 28

Morning everyone and welcome to day 28 of my challenge...I am not working until this evening which means I have lots of time to blog, check out other blogs and answer all my comments/emails.


This honey coloured cossack is one of my favourite things I have bought in a long time ( actually I didn't buy it, it was a treat from the boyfriend). It has recently got extremely cold over here in Northern Ireland so the hat is a definite must. This one cost £22 from Topshop and I also have a grey coloured one which was only £5 from Primark. Both are equally gorgeous, I just prefer this one because it's the same colour as my hair!
I have featured this blouse and this necklace before but I felt that they bring something a little classy and simplistic to the craziness of the leopard leggings.
Cappuccino Blouse: Topshop £38
Dirty Gold Necklace: Topshop £10
Ahem.. this needed to go on here!
Leggings: £6 Primark...Topshop do the same ones for treble the price- don't be fooled people!
Okay so back to normality..
I decided to add this boyfriend blazer from Primark to make this outfit a little more wearable and most importantly warm!
Blazer: Primark £12
                                                                 bracelets & bangles


  1. I was so tempted to but the topshop leggings but definitely going to get these ones now! xx

  2. definitely do! they are only £6 so if you change your mind, you aren't really losing out on anything either!

    lauryn xx

  3. Ohh I want your leggings! Gotta love Primark for a bargain version x


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