Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Day 6

Hope you are all well...I had my induction for my Christmas temp job at Sainsbury's today..it went really well and the people are so so lovely...I am now also the proud owner of a very sexy uniform...but its doubtful if I will be showing you guys that! I am actually a little sad I am only a Christmas temp as it seems like a really nice place to work.

I am also pleased to report I was one of the top scoring Bigwardrobe Stylists this week, which is just fantastic and I'm so grateful for everyone who liked my outfits. I hope you all continue to like the outfits I put together...if you do I could win all sorts of great prizes...THANK YOU!!

Please like my Bigwardrobe Stylist page and outfits HERE

Floral Layered Blouse: Urban Outfitters £20
Chino's: Rare
Satchel..discoverd in the attic

Vintage belt: This belt was my lovely Gran's..we are both petite so can share each others clothes! 
                                                                  bracelets & bangles


  1. I agree that shirt in mega gorge.
    congrats on your bigwardrobe stylist- Im gonna go and check it out now xxxx

  2. Thank you guys! I appreciate the support both on my blog and in terms of my Bigwardrobe styling! If you like what you see on my stylist Facebook page, please like my outfits and my page!! Thank you very much...

    Oh and the blouse was in the sale only £20! I'm such a
    Bargain hunter!

    Lauryn xxxx


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