Saturday, 26 November 2011

Day 24

Happy Saturday everyone! How is everybody doing with their Christmas shopping? I haven't even started thinking about buying yet...I hope I am not the only one! I kind of like leaving it until last minute though, there is something much more 'Christmassy' about that..


I am recycling outfits people! However I don't believe I have featured this top on my blog for a long time. Its a peter pan tiered blouse from Topshop and it's one of my favourites. Its festive, feminine and flattering.
The shorts are also from Topshop and cost £65.
This scarf is from Primark and cost £3...I absolutely love anything with animals on it so as you can imagine, I was naturally drawn to this! It looks great with my green barber jacket which was also from Primark costing £22.
This necklace is sterling silver and has Asian influence on the ceramic pendant, I don't think this photo is very clear... I purchased it a few years ago at a market in Exeter and it cost me roughly £25. I absolutely love it and whenever I wear it it always gets plenty of compliments:) 
                                                                       bracelets & bangles


  1. Lovely outfit, particularly love the shorts :) I've managed to power through lots of Xmas shopping so far, just on to the last bits, I can't wait til it's done and I can relax!x

  2. I love the shorts, am its amazing the bargins you can find in Primark!!
    I have started Christmas shopping but still a way to go! xx

  3. thank you ladies! I am glad you like..

    it scares me how organised some people are when it comes to Christmas!
    Atleast I am not the only one though who has some shopping left to do!

    have a nice weekend:)

    lauryn xxx

  4. thank u! the wonders of primark! xx


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