Wednesday, 23 November 2011

a trip to primark

SO having spent very little money lately on clothes/ pretty much anything, I decided to treat myself yesterday to a trip into town which subsequently lead me to Primark.

Primark is the kind of place that you need to leave a few week between your visits, as it takes a while for things to change and for new pieces to arrive in store. Having said that though I never really have a problem finding anything I like in there. I am the sort of person who enjoys a good rummage around where as I know some of my friends prefer to be more concise and organised with their shopping.

Upon my recent trip here are the things that I purchased:



- First of all I cannot stress enough just how much I am in love with these shoes! I don't really think a photograph does them justice to be honest but let me assure you that they are comfortable, classy and incredibly beautiful! As soon as I saw them I knew I had to have them, they really remind me of high end designer heels and I believe it is Jimmy Choo who is a fan of using tassels on his shoes. I haven't bought heels since the spring when I purchased my nude ones from New Look (Day 17) so I felt that this slightly impulsive yet necessary purchase was justified and well deserved. What's more they were an absolute bargain at just £16.

-I chose this navy blue and cream striped cardigan as I really liked the cut, it is quite short on the body, and I remembered seeing a very similar one when I worked in Topshop for about £40.  I like how the jumper looks hand made with its intricate pattern and what's more it is easy to wear and most importantly warm! This cropped jumper cost me £12.

- I wasn't intending to buy the emerald green suede shorts and to be honest I am still not entirely sure if I am going to keep them. I am just not convinced that they are very 'me'. I do however have so many tops, blouses and shirts that they would look good with...I will experiment and get back to you on this one! These shorts cost £14.

-I don't think I can really pull off leggings as I am very short and quite stumpy, however this doesn't mean that I won't try dam it! I bought some from Topshop a few years ago that were black and white with intricate Gothic drawings on, however I never really felt comfortable in them so I ended up selling them on eBay for a third of what they cost. These however were only £6 and if I don't wear them at least I won't be losing out too much...I am however determined to be confident and get my ass into these leopard print beauties!

-Anyone who knows me will be aware of my slight obsession with scarfs. I have a scarf in every colour, pattern, size and shape imaginable. I love having lots of options and choice when it comes to what I will accessorise with what. This vintage style scarf will be a welcome addition to my every expanding scarf treasure trove and what's better is it was a bloody bargain costing just £3!

I think the moral of this story is get your butts down to Primark people...pronto!

                                                  bracelets & bangles 


  1. Agreed, those shoes look amazing! I love the shorts as well. Wish we had Primark in Dubai. The jumper looks awesome on you in the next post :) x

  2. That jumper is absolutely gorgeous! XO

  3. Thank you for your lovely comments:)

    Keep reading!

    Lauryn. X


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