Sunday, 27 November 2011

Day 25- Ark

The best day of the week is upon us once again!
For this post I am doing something a little different. This is a no frills, no fancy jewellery or accessorise post in which I share with you all the idea behind the clothing company 'Ark'.
Ark, a clothing company created in Northern Ireland by a guy Andrew and his friends used to play rugby with at school, is a company with a heart warming difference.
Ark- which stands for acts of random kindness inspires and encourages it's buyers to make small gestures of kindness, that will inturn spread joy and happiness to others. The clothing itself is nothing inspirational, however the beauty is instead in the simplicity of the idea.
I acquired this t-shirt through an act of random kindness in which a friend of mine knocked on my door one random evening and handed me it, simple and I am sure you will agree, very kind.
Ark also encourages its wearers to make small gestures of kindness once they have purchased their clothing, like donating spare change to a homeless person or buying a friend a cup of coffee (the shirt itself comes with a thermal cup holder to encourage this offering). 
I think that this is a wonderful idea that goes to show how versatile and encouraging fashion can be when it comes to inspiring others and making positive changes. It also makes me smile knowing that I have such kind and generous friends...

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