Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Day 20

Evening everyone! Had a manic day doing a touch of shopping and attempting to get the internet sorted out on my mac, I eventually took it into the genius bar and taddaaa...it's now working again! I treated myself to a few pretty things that I discovered in Primark- I will upload photos on here tomorrow...

Here are my photos for day 20 of my 100 day challenge!

p.s these photos are dedicated to my boyfriend Andrew who told me he wants to see more of my ears in my outfit posts haha

Feather Earrings: Topshop..I got these in last years winter sale and I think they cost me about £3
My cappuccino coloured blouse is also from Topshop and cost £38
I realise I featured these leather shorts on here very recently, but the scarf I am wearing is new and I thought the two went perfectly together...These shorts were purchased on eBay and were a mock of the Topshop ones from last winter. 
Scarf: Primark £3...very impressed with this buy as the scarf is incredibly authentic, vintage and beautifully detailed. 

bracelets & bangles

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