Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Day 21

Another post and go I am afraid folks..I have to run off to work!

Enjoy day 21 of this never ending challenge!

If you read my post this morning, 'a trip to primark' then you will know about my new favourite item of clothing. This jumper is warm, easy to wear and looks great with a whole host of things. It cost £12 from Primark.  
Jeans are from Topshop and cost £40. Although I really liked these jeans at first, just like all of my other jeans I have purchased from Topshop, they are now starting to fray around the inner thigh. Instead I would recommend buying jeans from River Island or in fact Primark. 
The turquoise stone is one of my favourite precious gems and I have so so many pieces of jewellery with it in. Tumbled turquoise is my particular favourite and if given as a present represents strength, protection from harm, psychic sensitivity and connection to the spiritual world. It is also the symbol of friendship:) This I got as a present from my boyfriend's mum for my 21st birthday and I absolutely love it. 
                                                 bracelets & bangles

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