Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Day 13

Welcome to my 13th post for my 100 day photo challenge! I am getting some really positive feedback about my photos which is so refreshing, it also encourages me to keep going when I am feeling slightly unmotivated! I have had a really good day so far, catching up with a few close friend's and finding £5 on the floor when I was out for my morning run! So running does pay off- hurrah!

PLEASE can I also encourage all of my followers and readers to 'like' my Bigwardrobe Stylist page on Facebook as well as the outfits I am putting together! I would really appreciate all of your support:)

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I firmly believe that a maxi skirt can be worn anytime of year so long as it's worn with the right things. This floral skirt is from Primark and cost £12.  I have worn it a lot this summer as well as last summer and now I'm wearing it in the winter, so I think I am justified in saying I have totally got my money's worth there!
The knit jumper which I have posted on here before, is also from Primark and cost £10

Once again I am a feather fiend as I think they finish of every outfit, giving it that festival/summer loving kind of vibe...I think a feather would actually make a really cute tattoo as well, just so you know;)

bracelets and bangles

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