Friday, 4 November 2011

Friday Feeling- Bigwardrobe

Well I haven't written a 'Friday Feeling' post for a while, as I have explained I have been without access to the Internet for quite some time...anyway here goes..

This week I will be reviewing my progress as part of the Bigwardrobe Stylist team.

I mentioned my part in this venture a few posts ago and since them I am pleased to say I am really enjoying it and progressing really well.

If you aren't aware exactly what this project entails:

I am styling outfits that I have chosen from the Bigwardrobe stylist website (see link above). is a site whereby fashion lovers can purchase second hand or brand new clothes. They can also swap their unwanted items as well, making this site affordable and definitely worth visiting.

As a stylist I have my own page on Facebook and the more 'likes' my page and my outfits get, the more chance I have of winning £100 in ASOS vouchers each week. Ultimately one lucky stylist will win a paid job as part of the Bigwardrobe stylist team after a year of styling on Facebook....

I  have really thrown myself into this project as putting outfits together is something I really enjoy and actually find comes quite naturally to me. However I would argue that it's definitely easier styling other people than styling yourself. When I look in the mirror I am up against all sorts of demons, where as when I am styling the 'ideal' if you will, I find I have more freedom to be creative and put together outfits that I perhaps wouldn't be brave enough to wear myself!

If you would like to see the outfits I have created so far feel free!

Click on this link: Bigwardrobe Stylist: Lauryn

If you could find the time to like my page as well as liking the outfits I have created so far, I would really appreciate it!

If you have already liked my page then a massive THANK YOU!

If nothing else comes of this project, I am really enjoying the freedom to express myself and actually carry out my dream job...even if it doesn't pay at the moment!

Thanks for reading guys!


  1. You have a great eye for styling! xoxoxoo

  2. Thanks very much:) I am glad you think so...

    Thanks for checking it out...

    Lauryn xxxx


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